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Jezebel reports that there is only one woman of color on Vanity Fair‘s Best-Dressed list.

In an interview with Ms. Magazine Blog, Angela Canterbury discusses the position of women in security today.

Mic shares 19 confessions about surviving as a transgender woman in America.

The female editors of the Huffington Post have compiled a list of the things they hear while walking down the street.

The Smile Bitch Training Camp provides a solution as to how women should respond to street harassers. See Mic.

BuzzFeed shows what men are really saying when they catcall women.

The Huffington Post refers to a comic to show men what they need to understand about everyday sexual harassment.

A woman was stoned to death in Syria for adultery. See the Huffington Post.

BuzzFeed celebrates Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s 21 years on the Supreme Court bench.

Think Progress proves that the wage gap between women with children and those without, was about the same in 2007 as it was in 1977.

At least five democratic leaders from Congress plan to participate in a national bus tour that seeks to repeal the Hyde Amendment as well as bans on abortion coverage. See the Huffington Post.

Truthout questions how gender changes Piketty’s Capital in the Twenty-First Century.

Ms. Magazine Blog demonstrates the 42 times Ms. made history.

France drops its paternalistic abortion law indicating that women no longer have to provide justifications when obtaining an abortion. See RH Reality Check.

According to Think Progress, the mortality rate associated with a colonoscopy is more than 40 times greater than that of an abortion.

The New York Times illustrates the sexual harassment that women experience in the science realm.

A study reveals that rigid gender roles can be detrimental to children’s mental and physical health. See Think Progress.

Researchers recommend that Sex Ed classes should start as early as age 10. See Think Progress.

Mic explores whether a feminist should keep her maiden name.

A Professor of Law at the Vermont Law School connects gender equality to environmental sustainability. See the University of Vermont.

California debates the nation’s first ‘yes means yes’ sexual assault law. See Yahoo News.

Iran bans certain forms of birth control to encourage women to have more babies. See Think Progress.

The Root addresses the historical, social, and cultural barriers that black female candidates encounter when running for office.

Pregnant women in Ireland could be banned from having an abortion even if they are at risk of suicide. See Cosmopolitan.

The Huffington Post demonstrates how a new tampon could protect against HIV.

The Guardian proposes a case for free tampons.

Research from the American Psychology Association convention finds that nearly 40% of women who receive a degree in engineering do not end up making it. See Think Progress.

Mic examines 4 ways that Robin William’s role as Mrs. Doubtfire changed the way we think about feminism and LGBT rights.

BuzzFeed provides a list of the 23 things women are tired of hearing.

AAUW lists the 7 top videos that battle stereotypes this summer.

Iranian mathematician, Maryam Mirzakhani, became the first woman to be awarded the Fields Medal, mathematics’ equivalent of the Nobel Prize. See Aljazeera America.

New York Magazine explains why dads who do dishes raise ambitious daughters.

The Washington Post describes how admitting-privileges laws have created an extremely high hurdle for abortion providers to clear.

BuzzFeed highlights 18 inventions by women that have changed the world.

The Feminist Majority Foundation associates Colorado’s Affordable Contraception Program with a positive impact.

Christina Hendricks takes down workplace sexism in a clever video. See PolicyMic.

The Guardian describes 5 myths about unequal pay.

TIME underscores why feminists pretending to hate men isn’t funny.

Mic depicts 21 powerful signs that make it clear who is in control of women’s bodies.

Jezebel counts 76 colleges now being investigated for mishandling rape.

According to NPR, several smartphone apps have been created to help battle campus sexual assaults.

A designer and cartoonist in Pakistan has created a female superhero who fights terrorists, traffickers and gangsters in Karachi. See BBC.

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