Imagine a World Free from #AbortionStigma

Imagine if this hashtag were #HysterectomyStigma or #ColonoscopyStigma. Imagine if we had a global day of action dedicated to ending #BoneMarrowTransplantStigma or #CataractSurgeryStigma. It sounds ridiculous, right?

Sept 28 LMF - sherightsThis is not an exercise in comparing the pain people go through when they have to make difficult medical decisions or undergo painful medical procedures. This is not pitting women who haven’t ever had an abortion against those who have.

This is the whole point: A woman must be able to make decisions about her health and her body with her doctor.

You don’t stop a woman from having an abortion by forcing her to listen to medically inaccurate information, or waiting 48 hours, or showing her the ultrasound against her will, or judging and stigmatizing her. You only make it unsafe.

There aren’t better health outcomes for women and their children as a result of abortion stigma. In fact, unsafe abortion is the cause of 13% of maternal deaths globally. How do we reduce that number? We end abortion stigma.

Here are some actions you can take to support the #Sept28 Campaign.

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