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The Atlantic claims that police have a much bigger domestic abuse problem than the NFL.

President Obama and Joe Biden launched their new sexual assault prevention campaign, “It’s On Us.” See Mic.

The Huffington Post shows how Jon Hamm is helping the White House to fight campus sexual assault.

Emma Watson delivers a game-changing speech on feminism for the UN. See Vanity Fair.

A fraternity at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee allegedly used a color-coded system to roofie women. See Mic.

Mic lists 13 times school dress codes made young girls ashamed of their bodies.

Researchers say that Obamacare is effectively expanding access to affordable contraception. See Think Progress.

Women Are Watching Blog analyzes how anti-women’s health politicians came to suddenly embrace OTC birth control.

BuzzFeed illustrates 14 reasons why we need feminism.

Planned Parenthood has launched a pilot program in which patients in Minnesota and Washington will be able to talk to a nurse online and even get their birth control medication mailed to them at home in an unmarked package. See Slate.

The Huffington Post reiterates the 5 lessons that the American Girl books taught us about feminism.

Everyday Feminism underscores the 17 lies we need to stop teaching girls about sex.

The Huffington Post highlights Not Alone, a website that offers women a platform to share their abortion experiences through video testimonies and essays.

A state judge ruled Louisiana’s gay marriage ban unconstitutional. See Mic.

Anti-choice, anti-civil rights and anti-LGBT nominee Michael Boggs is urged to withdraw nomination. See the New York Times.

Congress has delayed new funding to help rape victims. See Mother Jones.

In the teen boys’ section of an SM Supermalls franchise in the Philippines, a shirt was just taken off the shelves that said “It’s not rape, it’s snuggle with a struggle.” See Mic.

While Ruth Bader Ginsburg does not have any plans to retire soon, she insists that women are here to stay on the Supreme Court. See the Huffington Post.

Students from the University of Chicago created an online ‘Rapist List.’ See Mic.

In his video “RE: Feminism,” Joseph Gordon-Levitt explores the many different interpretations of feminism he has discovered since telling Ellen DeGenerous in early 2014 that he identified as a feminist. See the Huffington Post.

Fortune questions whether young celebrities will make feminism ‘cool.’

Vox proves that the sexual threats against Emma Watson are really an attack on every woman.

According to Feministing, private detention corporations are profiting off detaining migrant survivors of sexual violence.

British women share the sexist comments that they’ve received from friends and family members. See BuzzFeed.

Ms. Magazine examines 8 ways that digital media has changed women’s lives.

Spain drops its plan to ban most abortions. See the Daily Beast.

New York Magazine introduces college women who are starting a revolution against campus sexual assault.

The Huffington Post shows 21 powerful statements against sexual assault from fraternities at Indiana University.

TIME argues that making abortion illegal does not make them disappear.

The teen birth rate in Wyoming declines as access to sexual education increases. See RH Reality Check.

Forbes fires a columnist for writing that drunk girls are the real threat to fraternities. See Think Progress.

A GOP strategist stated that rape and incest are minor issues. See Addicting Info.

A London council removed signs put up by an ultra-Orthodox Jewish community that banished women to one side of the road. See the Huffington Post.

The Huffington Post provides 20 facts that everyone should know about gender bias in movies.

New legislation would require emergency contraception be made available to rape victims at federally funded hospitals. See Jezebel.

Think Progress shares what college men think of the new rape prevention campaign that’s targeting them.

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