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The New York Times analyzes how women’s education and empowerment are a perceived threat for ISIS.

Lena Dunham says that she is going to wait to marry until her lesbian sister can too. See the Huffington Post.

NPR illuminates the forgotten female programmers who created modern technology.

The Supreme Court saved gay marriage in 5 states. See Mother Jones and Mic.

Same-sex marriage will soon be legal in most U.S. states. See Cosmopolitan.

Under Alabama’s new abortion law, minors who are seeking to bypass their parents’ consent to get an abortion are essentially put on trial. See Think Progress.

Lena Dunham’s new memoir, Not That Kind of Girl, has triggered a conversation regarding the definition of rape. See Mic.

At an AdWeek 2014 panel, experts discussed the rise of ‘femvertising’ and the popularity of ads that celebrate women and girls. See the Huffington Post.

The parents of a Columbia University senior published a letter to the institution’s president and the board of trustees criticizing their decision to allow her rapist to stay on campus. See Think Progress.

BuzzFeed debates the complicated portrayal of gender roles in Gone Girl.

According to Mic, Americans have no idea what they’re actually talking about when they debate abortion.

The Huffington Post highlights Debbie Sterling and how created a toy line that inspired girls to love engineering.

13 feminists comedians prove just how fun challenging the patriarchy can be. See Mic.

RH Reality Check lists six Supreme Court cases that equality advocates should watch this term.

A new study published in the New England Journal of Medicine found that giving teens access to education about contraception and to free birth control can cause pregnancy rates to decrease as well as teen abortion rates. See the Salon.

A Texas abortion provider asks the Supreme Court to block extreme restrictions. See RH Reality Check.

Men’s Health deleted its article that argued that the only way to get women interested in sports to tell them stories about how athletes treat their wives. See Think Progress.

The University of California, San Francisco is now offering a six-week online class called: “Abortion: Quality Care and Public Health Implications.” See the Daily Beast.

Mic underscores Jennifer Lawrence’s powerful statement in response to her nude photos.

The Republican National Committee Chairman believes that marriage equality is a threat to our economy and national security. See Think Progress.

BuzzFeed hypothesizes what would happen if buying condoms was like buying birth control.

Gillian Anderson stresses that sexism is easy to miss and easy to get used to. See the Huffington Post.

A UN envoy on sexual violence warns that rapes in South Sudan will haunt generations. See All Africa.

Think Progress demonstrates the prevalence of harassment in the restaurant industry.

George Will complains about the Obama administration’s efforts to curtail sexual abuse on college campuses. See Think Progress.

The Phi Delta Theta chapter at Texas Tech University loses its chapter for displaying pro-rape “no means yes” sign at a party. See the Salon.

RH Reality Check questions whether Colorado’s Personhood Amendment is a technique to try to ban abortion.

Mic shows how women can now buy a thigh gap with their jeans.

A map shows that abortion access in Texas is now concentrated for wealthy populations. See the Huffington Post.

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