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Women’s Forum in Sierra Leone set up 8 safe spaces for adolescent girls. See Sierra Express Media.

Brown Girl Magazine explains why you should care about the 104 women in Congress.

“Nearly half of fathers report dissatisfaction with the amount of time that they are able to spend with their children. The gender-equality debate too often ignores this half of the equation.” See The Atlantic.

This video spreads awareness about street harassment and aims to stop it. See Girl Talk HQ.

A sex slave survivor reconnects with the person who rescued her. See WTSP.

This 2-year old has a conversation with her dad about her self-worth and value. See Addicting Info.

“A white Christian man plans and executes a terrorist attack in Texas’ capital and he’s just a nice guy who lost his way, a Renaissance Faire enthusiast in a tricorn hat who enjoyed tubing and trying to blow up government buildings.” See Texas Observer.

RH Reality Check on what conservatives are doing to confuse people about the actual meaning of slut-shaming.

Feminists fight back against Tennessee lawmakers’ proposed attacks on reproductive rights. See Feminist Majority.

Someone tell Iggy Azalea that she does not have to mimic Blackness to be a good rapper. See Salon.

Washington Post on the pressures to have a c-section.

There are 65 Democratic women in the House (the most in the history of the U.S.) gather together to snap this historic photo. See Huffington Post.

Republicans in Congress are wasting no time following through on the anti-abortion agenda. See Think Progress.

Last year, the media failed women but here is a video that demands better media in 2015. See Mic.

Politico on the secret history of women in the senate.

A Colorado NAACP office was bombed last week. See Think Progress.

This rape case claims that tourists in India could be potential prey. See New York Times.

Evangeline Lilly misrepresents what feminism means. See Girl Talk HQ.

Good Men Project on a father’s responsibility to feminism.

Washington Post on how street harassment became a national conversation last year.

Remembering Mario Cuomo and the time he went to University of Notre Dame to make the Catholic case for abortion rights. See Slate.

These 18 states were found to be “extremely hostile” to abortion. See Washington Post.

The first Ebola clinic opens for pregnant women in Sierra Leone. See Huffington Post.

This is why bitter, lonely and nerdy guys end up hating feminism. See Salon.

Charlize Theron reportedly used the hack against Sony late last year to negotiate a deal worth more than $10 million in order to get paid the same as her male co-star, Chris Hemsworth. See Huffington Post.

The Marines recruit Sheryl Sandberg to encourage more women to take up positions of leadership. See Girl Talk HQ.

Women own or manage more than 30 percent of all businesses but 5 percent or less of the biggest enterprises. See New York Times.

Here is a video about the myth about race, debunked. See Bitch Magazine.

Huffington Post on homeless women getting their periods.

Nicki Minaj shows the importance of abortion stigma. See Bitch Magazine.

The Salon analyzes why activists and feminists receive so many death threats.

Ellen Degeneres fires back at a homophobic hater. See Mic.

The topic of gender inequality is on the agenda at at next week’s World Economic Forum. See the Huffington Post.

The group behind America’s biggest anti-abortion march now says birth control causes abortions. See Mother Jones.

Comedian Liz Miele shares feminist sex positions that turn the tables on misogynistic jokes. See Bustle.

Mic shows 9 photos that shatter society’s stereotypes about the perfect body.

TIME provides a guide for women, men, and bosses by defining ‘manterrupting’ and ‘bropropriating.’

Mississippi Lawmaker introduces a bill to extend forced waiting period. See RH Reality Check.

A Kentucky lawmaker wants to ban transgender students from bathrooms. See Think Progress.

Smart Girls against domestic violence. See Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls.

An artist, Fat Femme, challenges preconceived notions of beauty. See the Huffington Post.

The Supreme Court will decide on marriage rights for gay couples nationwide. See the New York Times.

A study proves that college campuses are filled with subtle racism and sexism. See the Huffington Post.

Thailand plans to recognize ‘third gender’ in a new constitution. See Reuters.

According to the Huffington Post, twenty-three members of Congress will speak at a conservative policy summit and none of them are women.

Uzo Aduba shares the reason why her mother would not let her get braces. See Upworthy.

Canadian women in their early twenties were at the greatest risk of domestic violence in 2013. See the Globe and Mail.



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  1. I always look forward to reading your links. I share my favourites on twitter. Thanks so much for compiling them again and again – it’s nice to know that I am not a voice / mind alone in the wilderness.

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