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Marriage equality will take full effect in Alabama on February 9th. See Think Progress.

Three black adoptees speak out about their sense of racial identity after growing up in white households. See The Root.

Fox News is claiming reverse racism on colleges that offer classes that teach students about the issues with whiteness in America. See Huffington Post.

The rapper J. Cole is helping single mothers out by letting them stay at his childhood home on a rotational basis. See BET.

“Men accused of date rape will need to convince police that a woman consented to sex as part of a major change in the way sex offences are investigated.” See Telegraph.

75% of women in prison are domestic abuse survivors. See Ultra Violet.

Abortion providers received handcuffs in the mail with a note that read, “Could you be next?” Read more on Cosmopolitan.

The Guardian on the former Stanford swimmer who is expected to be charged with five counts of felony rape after an alleged campus attack.

73% of Americans support teams who sign gay and lesbian players. See Think Progress.

Washington Post gives 8 critical facts about the state of transgender America.

Another African-American transgender woman has been killed in Kentucky which makes this the third trans woman of color to be killed this month. See TransGriot.

Deeyah Khan, Norwegian film director, convened a summit to bring together women whose dissident voices have endangered their lives. See The Guardian.

American Civil Liberties Union on how for-profit companies are helping to put people in jail for being poor.

RH Reality Check on how military sexual assault survivors have to fight for disability benefits.

Everyday Feminism celebrates the love between queer women of color with these 25 photos.

These two eight-grade girls have created a campaign that teach young students about consent. See Cosmopolitan.

Emma Watson unveils the next stage of the HeForShe campaign. See Marie Claire.

Glamour lists 10 quotes from some of your favorite feminist icons.

“Ellen DeGeneres on her sheltered youth, forging her way as a female comedian, and her history-making decision to come out on TV.” See Makers.

New York Times on sexual assaults on campus.

Males victims of sexual assault speak out in hopes that male victims of assault will be taken more seriously. See Huffington Post.

“It’s not because these judges are sexist. It’s because they haven’t received any guidance.” See Mother Jones.

These state forbid against teaching about gay sex. See Mother Jones.

“The rates of unintended pregnancies have fallen in most U.S. states since 2006.” See Time.

Domestic violence survivors take a stand for Marissa Alexander with a “monument quilt.” See Think Progress.

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