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Mic proves that Katy Perry’s Superbowl performance is not enough to fix the NFL’s long-standing issues with domestic violence.

A new tumblr, ‘Saved by the bell hooks,’ combines feminist knowledge with the 90s TV show. See the Huffington Post.

The Nepalese government plans to issue passports with a third gender option for citizens who do not identify as male or female. See LGBT News.

The Atlanta Star shows 8 arguments that are used to blame black people for their oppression and suggests how to counteract such claims.

India’s Supreme Court has ordered Google, Yahoo and Microsoft to ban advertisements for pre-birth tests that reveal a child’s sex. See BBC.

Carl Djerassi, the chemist who helped to develop the pill, passed away last week. See TIME.

The New York Times describes how the Republican takeover of the Senate has given women less power than before.

Spanish women have expressed their disappointment with the new Greek government’s apparent lack of women. See BBC.

Advocate explains why black lives should matter to all LGBT people.

The Texas Senate has filed a draft budget that would restructure the state’s Breast and Cervical Cancer Screening program to prevent Planned Parenthood from participating. See Think Progress.

A study shows that maternal depression often starts before pregnancy, not after giving birth. See the New York Times.

BuzzFeed displays 25 insanely sexist vintage valentines.

A Canadian high school mural was covered up for portraying two men kissing. See Mic.

BuzzFeed reveals 19 questions for men that highlight everyday sexism.

The alleged rapist in the Columbia Case shares his version of the events. See New York Magazine.

BuzzFeed introduces Israel’s first out transgender military officer.

A USA Today columnist worries that democratic women have stolen all the power. See Slate.

Saudi Arabia hosts an all male women’s rights conference. See Konbini.

Lawmakers in Utah debated whether sex with an unconscious person qualifies as rape. See Daily Kos.

Nicholas Kristof applauds Bruce Jenner’s courage as he prepares to come out as a transgender woman. See the New York Times.

USC News analyzes the role of men in trying to prevent violence against women.

Everyday Feminism shares 3 reasons why feminists need to talk about race.

A new study confirms that being transgender is not just a phase. See Mic.

A 17-year-old student at a Lutheran school in Texas was threatened to be expelled unless he deleted his YouTube channel, on which he posts videos encouraging other kids to be comfortable with their sexuality. See Think Progress.

A new children’s history book, “Rad American Women A-Z,” highlights the stories of 26 important American women. See Bitch Magazine.

A West Virginia Republican states that rape can be ‘beautiful’ if it produces a child. See Raw Story.

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