Links We Love

Huffington Post lists 13 celebrities who won’t wreck your child’s body image.

Bet you didn’t know that Martin Luther King Jr.’s mother was also assassinated. See Jezebel.

Women and girls are redefining what it means to achieve something “like a girl.” See BuzzFeed.

New York Fashion Week introduces the first model with down-syndrome to its runway. See Mic.

The Muse celebrates the life of Lesley Gore.

A trans trainer who was fired for transitioning received justice thanks to the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination. See Think Progress.

Bitch Magazine introduces us to She-Hulk, attorney at law.

Teenage girls who were trafficked and as sex slaves by a Hungarian family have been brought to justice. See Manchester Evening News.

Mic lists 12 women who had the perfect responses to sexist questions.

Foreign Policy explains how women are the best weapon in the war against terrorism.

Watch this video of men learning what being a feminist means and then realizing that they are one. See Upworthy.

Aljazeera reveals that the hidden victims of campus sexual assault are students with disabilities.

A Jewish mother who is raising two Black sons in America explains how the construct of Whiteness is a dangerous thing. See Salon.

The Gurgaon district administration will soon be launching women-only driven taxis to curb incidents like eve-teasing, harassment. See First Post.

Ms. Magazine dives deep into Wonder Woman’s secret history.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg on retirement, abortion and women’s rights with Irin Carmon from MSNBC. See Huffington Post.

Makers celebrate 50 years of women in space.

Here is why #SurvivorLoveLetter is our new favorite Tumblr blog. See Feministing.

These are the brave and beautiful faces of at-risk LGBT youth. See Huffington Post.

“Arming female student will help reduce sexual assaults.” See New York Times.

“Do not ever apologize for your right to exist in a community space.” See Huffington Post.

Feministing explains how we obsess over and then ignore violence against Muslim women.

A doctor refuses to treat the baby of a same-sex couple. See My Fox Detroit.

These illustrations show how women are changing the world. See Huffington Post.



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