Links We Love

Bustle shows us what women’s bodies really look like after birth, and it’s beautiful.

Makers lists the top 5 moments for women at the Oscars.

Feminist writers are so besieged by online abuse that some have begun to retire. See Washington Post.

Discrimination laws against women persists globally. See Humanosphere.

“Refuges have insufficient beds to meet demand and specialist domestic services are being closed as responsibilty for vulnerable women and girls is handed over to the private sector.” See Guardian.

Patricia Arquette’s Oscars speech about equal pay just revealed exactly what is wrong with White feminism. See Mic.

University of Illinois at Chicago student was charged with assault says he was reenacting Fifty Shades of Grey. See Chicago Tribune.

Here are 8 love letters that remind sexual assault survivors that they are not alone. See Huffington Post.

The nation’s most restrictive anti-abortion law just reached the supreme court. See Think Progress.

Huffington Post explains how movies define our culture.

The Atlantic on how The PowerPuff Girls redefined what little girls are made of.

Apple is set to release new Emojis of color. See The Root.

InHerSight gives women a medium to evaluate their employers and rate how female-friendly workplace environments are. See Huffington Post.

Essence lists 9 celebrities who prove that locs on the red carpet are beyond beautiful.

Here are some lessons learned from Y Combinator’s Female Founders Conference. See Huffington Post.

These twins are paving the way for girls in pole vault. See New York Times.

This mother addresses the concept of your baby “stealing your body” after birth. See Huffington Post.

Everyday Feminism explains 3 ways racial microaggressions sneak into our lives.

Mic lists 8 harmful myths that we’re all spreading about men and sex.

Gay family Emojis are coming to our keyboards. See Huffington Post.

Huffington Post explains what it would be like if our sons were treated like our daughters.

Oregon bill would ensure coverage for reproductive health care. See RH Reality Check.

“Motherhood has such a strange dichotomy.” See Huffington Post.

This is why we need a gender-neutral approach to talking about eating disorders. See Huffington Post.

New report offers a look at “survival sex” and the LGBTQ youth who are turning to it. See Huffington Post.

The ABC sitcom Fresh off the Boat takes on harassment and consent. See Bitch Media.

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