Links We Love

Shannon Hale illuminates the sexist double standard in children’s literature. See Mic.

The Huffington Post exposes the sexual harassment of women gamers.

A young man was beaten for being gay in Mississippi and does not view it as a hate crime. See the Huffington Post.

Police were unable to confirm the UVA gang rape, but that does not mean nothing happened. See Mic.

Mone’ Davis reacts to a baseball player calling her a slut. See Samuel-Warde.

The Salon comments on why so many straight women prefer penetration to oral sex.

According to RH Reality Check, Native American women still do not have access to over-the-counter emergency contraception.

Andrea Tantaros of Fox News declared that feminists had created a “war on boys” by encouraging false rape reports at universities. See Raw Story.

The New York Times shares a new approach to speaking about sex with openness and humor.

Fraternities lobby against campus rape investigations. See Bloomberg.

The Huffington Post compiles 23 ways that Gloria Steinem taught us to be better women.

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