Links We Love

Mic highlights some of the overlooked aspects of the Brazilian breastfeeding study.

Claire A. Putnam, an obstetrician and gynecologist, writes for the New York Times about pregnancy and obesity.

A dad blogger explains why he is tired of having to go into women’s restrooms to change his baby’s diaper. See the Huffington Post.

Care2 shows why you should care about Women’s History Month.

SNL comments on Indiana’s ‘Religious Freedom’ law and its unintended consequences. See Addicting Info.

Apple CEO, Tim Cook, write an op-ed about the anti-gay religious freedom laws. See Addicting Info.

USA Today outlines the history of religious-freedom laws.

The removal of an Instagram photo depicting a fully-clothed women with period blood on her pants proves how terrified society is by periods. See the Huffington Post.

Hollywood is slowly accepting natural hair on black women. See BuzzFeed.

An abortion clinic in DC hopes to make the procedure more streamlined and easy to access. See the Huffington Post.

Chris Christie embraces a 20-week abortion ban. See the Huffington Post.

These statistics prove that millennial women are taking over the world. See Bloomberg.

BuzzFeed compiles selfies of trans people to celebrate Transgender Day of Visibility.

The New York Times explores how flawless became a feminist declaration.



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