Get Involved: The No More Excuses Campaign

I love a good activist campaign, so you can only imagine how stoked I was to learn of Ms. Magazine’s & the Feminist Majority Foundation’s No More Excuses campaign.

In a nutshell, the campaign’s goal centers on encouraging law enforcement to take rape seriously, with two specific goals. First, to get the FBI to update its archaic definition of rape — “the carnal knowledge of a female, forcibly and against her will” (note the inclusion of “forcible,” which, as you’ll recall, was used by conservatives earlier this year in an attempt to restrict abortion access). Second, to ensure that city police departments quickly test all available rape kit evidence in order to help combat the serious backlog of untested kits sitting in precincts across the country.

Please check out their online campaign headquarters. From there, you can quickly take action and make a difference! For example, you can email the Department of Justice, send a message to the Chiefs of Police Association and even find out your community’s rape kit backlog. And of course, tell a friend about the campaign.

Make sure all levels of law enforcement know: RAPE IS RAPE and it must be taken seriously.


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  1. I’m going there right now. Thanks!!

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