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The Massachusetts court ruled that ‘upskirt’ photos are legal. See CNN.

The Army’s top sexual assault prosecutor has been suspended for sexual assault. See Jezebel.

A new birthing and abortion clinic in Buffalo, NY views abortions and general women’s health as interrelated issues. See Feministing and Jezebel.

The Senate unanimously passed the less controversial military sexual assault bill. See The Hill.

After Senator Gillibrand’s bill to remove sexual assault prosecutions from the chain of military command was blocked, Gillibrand pledged her continued dedication to the issue. See NBC News.

The New York Times writes about the rise of feminism in Bangladesh’s education, health-care and workplace systems.

One-third of women in the European Union have experienced either physical or sexual violence since the age of 15. See BBC News and the New York Times.

According to MSNBC, California plans to add abortion providers.

Texas’ new abortion restrictions have dramatically affected the number of existing abortion clinics. See New York Times and a map from Feministing.

The Huffington Post and Jezebel refute the myth that birth control encourages risky sexual behaviors.

The Good Men Project lists some suggestions as to how men can support women after sexual abuse.

The Nation believes that the rise of female labor leaders could save the feminist movement.

Sheryl Sandberg hopes to destigmatize the word bossy and underscore the portrayal of ‘executive leadership skills.’ See the Wall Street Journal.

A study reveals that women run only a quarter of the biggest art museums in the US and Canada and earn approximately 1/3 less than their male counterparts. See the New York Times.

The Guardian describes how the GOP does not understand women.

On National Day of Appreciation for Abortion Providers, Feministing encouraged people to give thanks to abortion providers.

As a male feminist, Malala’s father, Ziauddin, “did not cut her wings.” See the Huffington Post.

The Wisconsin Senate Committee passes an anti-choice license plate option. See RH Reality Check.

Even as states are trying to advance protections for pregnant works, Congress seems to be absent. See RH Reality Check.

A record number of women made the 28th annual Forbes billionaires list. See the Guardian.

Melissa Harris-Perry discusses the politics and pitfalls of motherhood in America in an interview with Think Progress.

This year, Missouri lawmakers will vote on 32 different anti-choice bills. See the Washington Post.

Women Under Siege shares the stories of three female rape survivors in the Congo.

A Wall Street Journal poll shows that that the majority of Americans agree with the Obamacare contraception rule.

The Daily Beast explains why the excessive gendering of children’s toys creates rigid gender lines that are challenging to overcome later in life.

Lily Allen claims that she hates the word feminism and that women are the enemy. See Jezebel.

There is a continuing gender gap in medical research. See Feministing.

Sheryl Sandberg’s Ban Bossy campaign is picking up steam. See the Huffington Post.

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