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The White House published a report that shows how women would benefit the most from raising the minimum wage given their high concentration in low-wage sectors. See The Hill.

PolicyMic also underscores how raising the minimum wage is inherently a women’s rights issue.

According to a poll on Hillary Clinton’s potential presidency, the main reason why people want to elect her is because she would be the first female president while other are concerned with what they view as a lack of experience. See the Atlantic.

The Guardian cites reports of workplace sexism and discrimination in various fields.

The Supreme Court ruled that people convinced of domestic violence may not possess guns. See the New York Times.

Lilian Janse became the first woman to represent the orthodox Christian party, the SGP, in the Netherlands after using CEDAW to end the party’s longstanding objection to female candidates. See Women’s E News.

Yemen is currently one of two countries in the world that lacks legislation on a minimum age of marriage. See CNN.

The Huffington Post lists 8 Hollywood women who have exposed the industry’s apparent sexism.

Texas Senator Jane Wilson believes that there is no GOP war on women and that this label paints Republicans as anti-women. See RH Reality Check.

A federal judge has refused to block some of the strictest rules in the nation on the use of abortion drugs in Arizona. See the New York Times.

As Ohio tightens its restrictions on abortions, it is becoming one of the worst states for women’s health. See Think Progress.

The governor of West Virginia vetoed a 20-week abortion ban and claimed that such a ban would be unconstitutional. See Think Progress.

Doctors in Oklahoma can no longer prescribe birth control for the purpose of pregnancy prevention. See Samuel-Warde.

A writer for the Washington Post explains how women should embrace lower grades to enhance their learning and earning potential.

Zerlina Maxwell describes the reality of rape culture in TIME.

The Salon outlines 4 important things to know about the Hobby Lobby SCOTUS case.

Claire McCaskill hopes to encourage more women to take on leadership roles. See Springfield News-Leader.

The National Sexual Violence Resource Center teaches about the significance of Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM).

A study on 37 girls in the US between the ages four and seven found that girls who played with Barbie dolls were more likely to believe that boys could do more jobs in the future. See the Guardian.

Cecile Richards, the president of the Planned Parenthood Action Fund, created a video to better understand the current contraception cases that will go before the US Supreme Court. See RH Reality Check.

Anne Hidalgo has been elected as Paris’ first female mayor. See the Telegraph.

Marie Claire composes a list of statements that should not be said to feminists.

The New York Times shares the stories of “mule ladies,” the few Moroccan women who do not need a Visa to cross the border and haul goods between Spain and Morocco.

Female-led Vietnamese companies have gained twice as much as other companies in the past 5 years. See Think Progress.

OKCupid blocks Firefox because of Mozilla’s CEO’s anti-gay beliefs. See Gizmodo.

A Harvard sexual assault survivor writes a letter exposing the school’s failure to support her. See PolicyMic and Think Progress.

The New York Times demonstrates how stories about female veterans are absent from our culture.

Think Progress highlights the strategies that worked to reduce teenage pregnancies in a small town in South Carolina.

A college student at the University of Illinois was sexually assaulted in the dorm showers. See Jezebel.

Emma Watson reveals the flaws of the fashion industry. See the Huffington Post.

The Huffington Post lists 10 ways to be a better male feminist.

In his TED Talk, Jackson Katz proves that violence against women is a men’s issue.

Slate interviewed Sophie Hasty, one of the leaders of the dress-code protest at her middle school, to learn more about her perspective.

A writer for the Daily Beast describes her experience of sexual harassment by an Uber driver.

A candidate for Texas governor cites a man who believes that women and minorities are inferior. See the Huffington Post.


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