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Vogue Italia uses Violence Against Women as the theme for its April edition. See the Independent.

More men feel compelled to accept the depictions of realistic standards of female beauty. See the Onion.

The Guardian describes the culture of exceptionalism portrayed by the Harvard sexual assault victim that often leads to violence.

A writer for RH Reality Check proposes changing the rhetoric on reproductive rights and abortion values.

Governor Jay Nixon ensures that breastfeeding mothers will have the right to feed their babies or pump breast milk in any public venue in Missouri. See STL Today.

The US Army’s new grooming standards are racially biased. See CBS DC.

A study finds that police eliminate rape complaints from official counts, which is resulting in a hidden rap crisis. See Feministing.

The former NFL player, Boomer Esiason, has apologized for suggesting that couples should plan a woman’s c-section around sports’ schedules. See Jezebel.

According to the New York Times, a Mumbai court has given the death sentence to three men who were convicted of gang rape.

Even 40 years after the Supreme Court upheld a woman’s right to choose, many pregnant women in Texas have to cross the border to Mexico in the search of adequate medical care. See the Huffington Post.

In Mississippi, a sexual education program compared females and their sexuality to dirty chocolate. See the Raw Story.

An Australian commercial for Snickers challenges the stereotype of construction workers catcalling at women. See The Good Men Project.

Recent research has shown a positive correlation between female mayors and funding for social welfare programs. See Chicago Policy Review.

Women’s Media Center showed how women are drastically underrepresented in the news media. See Huffington Post.

A campaign form the Feminine Collective at McGill Law School demonstrates how feminism encompasses a range of people. See PolicyMic and Huffington Post.

After analyzing New South Wales’ 1995 Births, Deaths, and Marriage Registration Act, Australia determined that a person may be other than male or female and can, therefore, register as ‘nonspecific’ See the New York Times.

According to the Boston Globe, women now run four of the largest advertisement firms in Boston.

Chicago and Philadelphia are making condoms more readily accessible by expanding and advertising programs that allow teenagers to get condoms at school and at home. See RH Reality Check.

Hillary Clinton reinforces that there is a double standard against women in the media. See the Huffington Post.

Facebook announced that it will offer its users 50 possibilities of gender identification. See the New York Times.

Even though the majority of Nebraskan legislators favor pro-equality legislations, opponents blocked a critical bill that would protect all Nebraskans from employment discrimination. See HRC.

On Equal Pay Day, the Huffington Post outlined 7 ways to increase awareness of the gender pay gap.

The Huffington Post also reminded its readers how Conservatives counter Equal Pay efforts.

A set of parody pictures from the Bondi Hipsters that imitate Miranda Kerr’s British GQ photo shoot illuminates the notions of female sexuality in fashion. See PolicyMic.

A Veet advertisement depicted women with hairy legs as men and was later pulled. See Jezebel; Jezebel.

After Walmart quietly issued a new policy for pregnant workers that includes them in its disability accommodations, pregnant workers begin to question the extent to which they are really protected. See Think Progress.

Women lawyers and law students have been confronted with new dress code rules in which they have to take into account the judges’ personal preferences. See Ms. Magazine.

Two decades after the Rwandan genocide, the women of Rwanda have helped the nation to heal and rebuild itself. See the Daily Beast.

A writer for RH Reality Check encourages all women to help Spanish women maintain their reproductive rights.

President Barack Obama signed executive orders to make it easier for workers of federal contractors to receive information about workplace compensation. See the Boston Globe.

Elle Magazine describes why it is so easy to dislike the daughter characters on TV.

According to a new Pew Research Center report, more women are staying at home to raise children. See the Boston Globe.

The Huffington Post illustrates the inaccuracies and the lack of sexual education and HIV education throughout the US.

In Cosmopolitan, a Texas OB/GYN explains how the abortion restrictions actually jeopardize women’s health.

RH Reality Check Data composed a database of American anti-choice activity that focuses on each state’s key laws, lawsuits, and topics.

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