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Women in South Sudan are helping to break down gender-stereotypes in the workplace by operating a a car wash. See UN Multimedia.

The New York Times shows how Turkish women have been using Twitter to combat sexual harassment.

The Nation explores the role that Twitter should play as the feminist movement continues to grow.

In California, prison doctors have sterilized sterilized over 150 women to reduce potential welfare costs. See Tell Me Now.

Representatives from Florida and California co-sponsored legislation to tackle misleadingly photoshopped advertisements. See the Huffington Post.

At Duke University, the campus group Think Before You Talk and student-led organization Blue Devils Unite, publicized photos to combat discriminatory words and phrases. See Upworthy.

Oklahoma governor Mary Fallin banned minimum wage increases and paid sick leave laws. See Think Progress.

After Chelsea Clinton announced that she is pregnant, some anti-abortion activists could not comprehend how a pro-choice supporter could be excited about her pregnancy. See the Huffington Post.

Jon Stewart calls out the media for speculating that Hillary Clinton’s role as a grandmother could deter her from running for president. See the Shiver Report.

GoldieBlox released an Easter PSA. See YouTube.

The Huffington Post focuses on how the culture of hypermasculinity is currently driving sexual assault in the military.

In an op-ed for the Huffington Post, a military sexual trauma survivor stresses the need to continue fighting for survivors.

A video from Brave New Films analyzes why so many women are sent to prison. See US Prison Culture.

The New York Times traces how Barack Obama’s views on same-sex marriage have evolved.

According to the Slate, in New York City unpaid interns can now sue for discrimination and sexual harassment.

The GOP seeks to erase the label of ‘War on Women.’ See the Wall Street Journal.

Nafeesa Syeed and Reed Assad are co-writing a book that will profile Saudi Arabian women and the workplace. See the New York Times.

Mississippi Clinic Escort discusses her experience with anti-choice attacks on patients. See RH Reality Check.

The director of Game of Thrones believes that sex becomes consensual in the rape scene of the latest episode. See Slate.

Salon extrapolates from the Game of Thrones controversy and underscores the problems with sexual assault as a plot twist.

Cuba is experiencing a condom shortage. See RH Reality Check.

A 12-year-old girls writes a letter to Phyllis Schlafly underscoring Schlafly’s inability to relate to the feminism of her generation. See Samuel-Warde.

Salon demonstrates 8 of the most absurd and flawed sexual education approaches.

Rolling Stone outlines 5 ways in which Arizona’s abortion restrictions are hurting women.

Cardinal Timothy Dolan defends Hobby Lobby and says that women can get birth control at 7-11. See the Raw Story.

A writer for RH Reality Check dissects the latest cover of Bloomberg Businessweek, which depicts a woman underneath the text “Freeze your eggs. Freeze your career.”

Think Progress explains how female executives still do not hold top leadership positions.

Lupita Nyong’o is named People‘s Most Beautiful. See Jezebel.

RH Reality Check questions whether or not being a porn star is feminist.

Maureen Shaw, the founder of sherights, writes about the parody that exposes the flaws of Dove’s ‘Real Beauty’ advertisements. See PolicyMic.

Australian rapper Iggly Azalea can no longer crowd surf after her fans sexually assaulted her. See the Gawker.

The media has still barely covered the story about the 234 missing female students in Nigeria. See PolicyMic.

The New York Times shows the professions in which women fare the best and the worst, given the pay gap.

The Huffington Post lists 9 facts that disprove traditional gender role definitions.

Lowell Bergman explores the hidden reality of rape on the job of undocumented workers. See PBS.

Emma Stone challenges Andrew Garfield’s sexist comment at the Yahoo Kids’ Q&A. See Huffington Post.

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