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The White House released guidelines to help universities to more aggressively combat sexual assaults on campus. See the New York Times.

The federal government released the names of 55 colleges facing Title IX investigations. See CNN and the Huffington Post.

The New York Times shares a student’s experience in confronting Columbia University’s disciplinary panel about rape.

Slate shows that the high rates of campus sexual assault are due mostly to a small percentage of men who assault multiple women.

The Massachusetts governor apologized for his tweet claiming that sexual assault is avoidable. See Mashable.

The Vatican Commission is advising Pope Francis on a policy that will protect children from pedophile priests and hold church authorities accountable for sexual abuse. See the New York Times.

A writer for the Ms. Magazine Blog describes how a feminist critique of rape culture and patriarchy gives men a chance to embrace their humanity.

The Huffington Post explains that women’s economic injustice demands a feminist agenda.

RH Reality Check explains how New York is reconsidering its condoms-as-evidence policy and how the FDA has approved a new HPV test.

Mother Jones highlights the existing intrusive sex laws that have been inspired by Republicans.

Tennessee is the first state that will jail women for their pregnancy outcomes. See Salon.

Governor Nathan Deal of Georgia signed a bill that will severely limit women’s access to safe and affordable abortions by banning abortion coverage in state employee health plans and private plans. See National Women’s Law Center.

Minnesota appeals the dismissal of lawsuit challenging medicaid abortion coverage. See RH Reality Check.

RH Reality Check demonstrates the controversy and conflict surrounding Missouri’s last abortion clinic.

A woman decided to film her abortion to show other people that abortions do not have to be a scary experience. See Think Progress.

The Sultan of Brunei, Hassanal Bolkiah, is imposing a penal code that includes the stoning to death of gay men and lesbians and of women who have abortions. See the Feminist Majority Foundation.

Debra Messing remains committed to promoting LGBT rights in her personal life and her professional endeavors. See the Huffington Post.

Gay marriage television ads are making an appearance in Oklahoma. See Politico.

The Nigerian Islamist militants’ leader claims responsibility for kidnapping Nigerian schoolgirls and threatens to sell the more than 270 girls. See Make Every Woman Count and the Guardian.

The mothers of the missing girls in Nigeria beg the government to do more to help them. See PolicyMic.

In the absence of media coverage, women must take the initiative to help the missing Nigerian girls and their families. See the Ms. Magazine Blog.

A writer for the Huffington Post underscores that the lives of the missing Nigerian girls matter and how the international community needs to mobilize to try to find and rescue these girls.

Barack Obama insisted that the US will do everything it can to help Nigeria. See Politico.

BuzzFeed depicts six women’s experiences of walking alone at night and demonstrates their shared sentiments.

The Vegas Metro Police Department co-sponsored a “Choose Purity” event encouraging abstinence. See Samuel-Warde.

California is considering a bill that would require public facilities to make sure there are changing stations accessible to both men and women. See Think Progress.

The Atlantic reveals that many men who would like to see more women leaders are afraid to share their perspective.

In Jordan, educated women still face a shortage of jobs. See the New York Times.

According to Media Matters for America, Fox News is asking if female breadwinners pose a problem.

Indies provide more work than studios for female filmmakers. See the New York Times.

To celebrate what would have been Audrey Hepburn’s 85th birthday, the Week exposes her underlying feminist identity.

The Huffington Post proves how gender branding negatively affects everyone.

Buzzfeed released a series of photos showing how children are redefining gender norms.

Vitamin W traces the gender roles in schools and tries to reframe the boy crisis.

PBS offers tips for raising girls in a princess dominated world.

Shailene Woodley tries to justify why she is not a feminist in an interview with TIME magazine.

The Huffington Post explores the importance of sisterhood.

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