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Ebony released the names of the kidnapped Nigerian girls.

After the multiple Nigeria abductions, CNN provides 6 reasons as to why the rest of the world should demand action.

Buzzfeed traces the evolution of the #BringBackOurGirls Twitter hashtag.

A video released by Boko Haram claimed to show the faces of the missing Nigerian girls. See the New York Times.

As Nicholas Kristof identifies a trend in which extremists target educated girls, he tries to determine why fanatics are so terrified of girls’ education. See the New York Times.

Michelle Obama shared her thoughts, prayers, and support for the Nigerian girls and their families. See the White House.

A writer for the Daily Beast asks the media to stop associating Boko Haram with Islam.

Gawker includes a clip as to how the perception of maxi pads changes when red dye is used instead of blue.

Michele Bachmann demonstrates her opposition to the proposed National Women’s History Museum. See the Huffington Post.

The Washington Post analyzes Monica Lewinsky’s essay for Vanity Fair as to how feminists failed her.

An Indian Court rules that forced marital sex is not rape. See the New York Times.

The Louisiana Senate Committee passed a bill that would impose restrictions on abortion providers. See RH Reality Check.

The Missouri Senate passed a bill to extend the waiting period for a woman to seek an abortion from 24 hours to 72 hours. See RH Reality Check and the Guardian.

Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe orders a review of abortion clinics’ regulations. See RH Reality Check.

The Huffington Post describes how abortion, like contraception, should be considered essential health care.

Sarah Zeid, the Princess of Jordan, states that ‘We cannot stigmatize a woman who has had an abortion.’ See Cosmopolitan.

Reproductive rights groups have been pressuring Yahoo! to drop their deceptive ‘Crisis Pregnancy Center’ ads. See Think Progress.

Senators scrutinize Michael Boggs’ claims that his extreme views on LGBT rights and abortions do not interfere with his decision-making. See ajc.

NARAL speaks out against anti-choice judicial nominee Michael Boggs.

Cosmopolitan explains how abortions should not be considered selfish or selfless.

The Huffington Post hosted a panel in which several women spoke about their sexual assault experiences and the possibility of forgiveness.

A family disapproves of how Williams College handled their daughter’s sexual assault case. See wbur.

The Huffington Post offers solutions as to how to end the epidemic of sexual assaults on campuses across America.

Vox tries to understand why colleges handle sexual assault cases so poorly.

West Virginia school authorities threatened and retaliated against girls when they attempted to pursue punishment for the offenders of their experienced sexual assault. See RH Reality Check.

A South Carolina school district pulled a student’s powerful artwork against rape culture form the showcase. See PolicyMic.

A new Facebook app reveals whether Facebook friends are registered sex offenders. See NY Daily News.

At Columbia University, a rapist list flyer that originated in a woman’s bathroom stall was distributed publicly. See Jezebel and Think Progress.

PolicyMic depicts 31 women who correctly respond to the common excuses for rape.

bell hooks deems Beyoncé as partly ‘anti-feminist’ and ‘terrorist.’ See the Huffington Post.

The Daily Beast offers insight as to why many millennials do not identify as feminists.

According to Ms. Magazine, Shailene Woodley is proof as to why feminists need to play a stronger role in school boards.

In order to change the way girls view technology careers, AAUW demonstrates the importance of schools’ influences. 

A Fox News host declared that adolescent girls provoked harassment by wearing leggings to school. See Media Matters for America.

A teenage girl was kicked out of her prom for wearing a dress that could have provoked ‘impure thoughts.’ See Think Progress.

Future and Kanye West transform women into trophies in their ‘I Won’ video game. See Pitchfork.

Arkansas remains split on issuing marriage licenses. See the Human Rights Campaign Blog.

The federal panel appears to be split over Virginia’s ban of same-sex marriage. See the New York Times.

A federal judge strikes down Idaho’s same-sex marriage ban. See AP The Big Story and Idaho Statesman.

To celebrate the wedding between Mitch and Cam on “Modern Family”, ABC covered the cost of any marriage licenses or wedding ceremonies at the New York City Clerk’s office on Monday, May 12th. See the Huffington Post.

PolicyMic shows how kids of gay parents do not find their families unusual.

Iranian women have posted photos of themselves without their headscarves on Facebook despite government restrictions. See Vocativ.

A Texas Republican claims that women have smaller brains. See Newslo.

Karl Rove believes that Hillary Clinton has brain damage. See Samuel-Warde.

The Huffington Post highlights how headlines treat women as objects rather than people.

The New York Police Department will no longer confiscate unused condoms from suspected sex workers to be used as evidence of prostitution. See the NY Daily News and the AP The Big Story.

A study reveals that the rates of cervical cancer in the US are higher than previously thought. See RH Reality Check.

As Western troops prepare to leave Afghanistan, many women fear for the future and progress of their country. See the Wilson Quarterly.

Taryn Brumfitt plans to create a documentary called “EMBRACE” to convince every woman to love her body as it is, to stop buying into corporate messages about beauty, and to change the vocabulary listed above for good. See the Huffington Post.

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