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Freelance journalist Esther Honig created a project through Photoshop to portray the beauty standards in different countries. See Hello Giggles.

Matt Lauer asked Mary Barra if it was possible for her to run GM and be a good mom simultaneously. See TIME.

The last abortion clinic in Northern Alabama is about to close, which will leave only three clinics in the state. See AL.

New York Magazine describes how Sophia Amoruso challenges Sheryl Sandberg and advises millennials to be bossy.

The Federal Appeals Court ruled that Utah’s ban on same-sex marriage is unconstitutional. See the Associated Press.

A new Jewish leader bans women from pursuing higher education. See Middle East Monitor.

Iranian women defied the country’s ban and watched the World Cup with men in public spaces. See CNN.

Moroccan women protested after their Prime Minister urged them to stay at home. See Feministing.

According to Jezebel, women in Texas are resorting to black-market abortion drugs.

Google is offering free coding lessons to women and minorities. See Business Insider.

Hobby Lobby wins the right to refuse to cover birth control for its employees. See Think Progress , Jezebel, and NPR.

PolicyMic collects 11 photos that show how Ruth Bader Ginsburg hates the Supreme Court’s mansplaining.

Jezebel promotes a song about Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Hobby Lobby dissent.

Mother Jones compiles the 8 best lines from Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s dissent on the Hobby Lobby contraception decision.

Mother Jones also lists 71 other companies that oppose birth control coverage.

Media Matters For America proves how in Hobby Lobby the Supreme Court embraces discrimination against women and right-wing media narratives.

BoingBoing provides an illustrated guide to American personhood.

Think Progress demonstrates the 3 lies about birth control that were reinforced by the Hobby Lobby ruling.

Jezebel explores how corporations are more of people than women are.

In response to the Hobby Lobby decision, the Huffington Post refers to real women’s experiences as proof that birth control access is a big deal.

New York Magazine highlights how the Supreme Court and Social Conservatives understand a woman’s choice.

The Huffington Post reminds its readers that Hobby Lobby still covers viagra and vasectomies.

Think Progress explores what it was like at a Hobby Lobby store after the SCOTUS ruling.

Hobby Lobby supporters insist that the decision is not sexist. See Cosmopolitan.

Bitch Media describes 8 new lobbying hobbies that fight against Hobby Lobby.

Senators hope to crack down on colleges that are butchering any sexual assault investigations. See the Huffington Post.

KQED analyzes why it is imperative to teach boys empathy.

On the Daily Show, Jon Stewart performs the Fault in Our Schools to address sexual assault on college campuses.

Think Progress tries to determine Massachusett’s’ future without buffer zones.

The Good Men Project publicizes an infographic on how rape is rape no matter what.

PolicyMic underscores the 8 major lies that hip-hop conveys about women.

Changes from Within offers 10 ways that men can combat sexism in public.

Dominique Christina sings an ode to periods explaining why women should be proud that their bodies are capable of doing amazing things. See the Huffington Post.

Michelle Howard is the first female four-star admiral. See PolicyMic and the Huffington Post.

The Slate illustrates a global map of laws governing abortion and birth control.

The co-founder of Tinder claims that her co-workers called her a whore and harassed her until she resigned. See Think Progress and the Guardian.

Two former female Goldman Sachs employees allege that the company took trips to strip clubs and ignored sexual assault. See Think Progress.

In the UK, sherights is listed on the block list of TalkTalk. See Blocked!

Women earn between 10 to 30 percent less than men in the same jobs worldwide. See the Huffington Post.

A Fox News reporter deems single women ‘Beyonce voters’ who depend on the government. See Politicus USA.

A writer for RH Reality Check discusses the realities of being an abortion clinic escort.

The European Court decides to uphold France’s veil ban because it believes that covered faces make people uncomfortable. See Feministing.

Maureen Shaw describes why women are grossed out by body hair according to research. See PolicyMic.

Cuba’s gay rights activists start a revolution by kissing. See PolicyMic.

A judge overturns Kentucky’s ban on same-sex marriage. See Think Progress.

The Huffington Post shares 10 words that every girl should know.

TIME exposes the story of a male survivor of rape.

The Columbia Journalism Review shows how the coverage of sexual assault on college campuses expanded after men joined the conversation.

Delaware became the 9th state to pass employee discrimination protections to pregnant workers. See Think Progress.

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