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A Congressman from North Carolina demanded that a pregnant doctor explain why Obamacare requires plans to cover maternity services. See Think Progress.

A writer for the Huffington Post exposes how people are using the word rape in contexts that do not involve sexual violence or assault.

The National Journal shares how ‘the coverage of birth control helps safeguard the health of women for whom pregnancy may be hazardous.’

For some women, birth control is medicine first and a contraceptive second. See the New Republic.

RH Reality Check analyzes how the black community will be affected by the Hobby Lobby ruling.

All three female Supreme Court justices expressed their dissent over a new controversial birth control case. See Mic.

Doctors and nurses have condemned the Hobby Lobby ruling. See Daily Kos.

Democrats push a bill to reverse the Supreme Court’s ruling on contraceptives. See the New York Times.

According to Vox, birth control saves money.

The Hobby Lobby backlash hits Whole Foods. See the Daily Beast.

The Supreme Court maintains California’s ban on gay conversion therapy. See RH Reality Check.

Jezebel reports that more than 60 women and girls have escaped Boko Haram in Nigeria.

The Supreme Court temporarily exempted a Christian college from some of the regulations that provide contraception coverage under the Affordable Care Act. See the New York Times.

Politico explores how women’s magazines tend to demean powerful women even when they are actually trying to celebrate them.

Liberal America portrays 21 men holding signs quoting their rapists.

CILIP questions whether the UK is excessively filtering web content after several websites, including sherights, have been blocked.

33 photos prove that there is no one way to be an American family. See the Huffington Post.

According to Marriage News Watch, same-sex marriage cases are starting to accelerate.

Four transgender women of color were murdered during Pride Month in the US. See Feministing.

Lucy Flores, Representative of Nevada, admits to having an abortion. See Slate.

After being assaulted, a woman finds hope through a career in restorative justice. See NPR.

By offering a free contraception program, Colorado’s teen birth rate plummets to 40%. See Daily Kos and Vos.

The World Cup soccer stats erase women. See Jezebel.

Robin Thicke’s album, Paula, sells just 530 copies in the first week of sales. See the Guardian.

Cosmopolitan describes how Texas created a culture that stigmatizes abortion.

UN Women announces Emma Watson as a Goodwill Ambassador.

Mississippi now bans abortions after 20 weeks, while Florida now bans abortion at any point in a pregnancy when the fetus is deemed viable. See the Feminist Majority Foundation.

The future of birth control may involve remote control fertility. See TIME.

At a men’s rights conference, the host stated that women who drink and dance are ‘begging’ for rape. See RH Reality Check.

A brave teen turned an attempt of body shaming into empowerment with a simple selfie. See Mic.

18 people show why India needs feminism. See RYOT.

A writer for Ms. Magazine hopes that Kara Walker’s Sugar Baby have a lasting impact on our cultural memory.

ISIS fighters tell families to hand their daughters over for sex. See Mirror.

A black feminist writer for the Guardian underscores the importance of transforming feminism into feminisms.

Upworthy demonstrates 4 ways we are teachings kids that consent does not matter.

A protester admits that harassing women outside of abortion clinics is ineffective. See Think Progress.

Gulf residents are turning to DIY abortions. See Care2.

A national survey finds that colleges are still failing to investigate sexual assault. See the Huffington Post.


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