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The EEOC announces tougher rules to protect pregnant workers. See NPR.

The Washington Post reports that young women face sexual harassment in the science field.

After Rhode Island decriminalized prostitution, a decline occurred in forcible rape and incidents of gonorrhea. See Vox.

New York proposes a bill to mitigate the effects of the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby ruling. See RH Reality Check.

A minister connects the struggle for LGBT rights to the struggle for reproductive rights. RH Reality Check.

The Huffington Post questions how its readers would react to ads that objectify men the same way they do women.

According to Policy Mic, female journalists are underrepresented in politics and crime.

Aljazeera America highlights the importance of engaging West African men in the fight for reproductive rights and gender equality.

The Women for Afghan Women group is working to keep Afghan women safe after a mullah is accused of rape. See the New York Times.

The Huffington Post reveals how many companies that market feminine-products consist of largely male-led teams.

16-year-old, Jada’s, rape goes live on social media. See Think Progress.

The state legislator of one of the nation’s leading anti-choice groups admitted that pregnancy is riskier than abortion. See RH Reality Check.

An Alaska state court judge temporarily blocked a law that limits abortion access under Medicaid. See the Feminist Majority Foundation.

The Chicago Tribune explains the new fit of female condoms to add pleasure.

According to the Washington Post, new dads want paid paternity leave.

The Huffington Post underscores the significance of being a feminist.

Buzzfeed created a list of 51 ladies who will make you proud to be a woman.

Buzzfeed portrays 5 elected officials’ reactions to Hobby Lobby.

Hundreds of anti-choice activists staged protests around the city of New Orleans this week. See RH Reality Check.

In Ghana, child brides are married and become slaves to the gods to pay for their family’s sins. See Thomson Reuters Foundation.

A writer for Jezebel describes what she learned form #WomenAgainstFeminism.

RH Reality Check highlights Equal Pay Day for African-American women.

Masked motorcyclists threw acid on the faces of 4 Pakistani women who were out in public. See Aljazeera.

According to Think Progress, officially half of Texas’ abortion clinics are gone.

A Minneapolis woman discovered the perfect way to turn the tables on her street harassers. See PolicyMic.

PolicyMic identifies 23 women who share their favorite position.

There are 13 women on the 2014 list of 25 new faces of Independent Films. See Jezebel.

The US will conduct a study to determine how many women are at risk of female genital mutilation. See the Guardian.

The Huffington Post shows how Prop 8 has impacted latino same-sex couples in California a year later.

An Israeli professor describes rape as a “terror deterrent.” See Forward.

El Salvador moves slowly on establishing 17 abortion pardons. See Women’s E News.

PolicyMic created a chart to clarify when a woman owes you sex.

The Onion satires TRAP (Targeted Regulation of Abortion Providers). See the Salon.

Tech Republic debates whether technology can prevent violence against women.

Catcallers try to explain why they harass women. See Feministing.

A father writes to his daughter from the makeup aisle of Target. See the Huffington Post.

IBM executives may not hire women because they get “pregnant again and again.” See Think Progress.

Everyday Feminism outlines the 4 myths that prevent women from pursuing non-traditional employment.

3 men were arrested in London for taking upskirt photos on the Tube. See the Standard.

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