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Think Progress analyzes how the Mike Brown shooting is also a feminist issue.

ModCloth is the first women’s retailer to take a stand against photoshopping. See Mic.

Argentina imprisoned a woman for getting an abortion as well as her friends who helped her. See Feministing.

Given that 23% of women are groped in public spaces, Thought Catalog encourages women to share their stories.

Watch these 8 inspiring videos that show women taking charge of marriage proposals. See Mic.

The protesters at an abortion clinic in Texas were told to track down the license plate numbers of abortion-providing doctors and abortion-seeking patients. See RH Reality Check.

Mic discusses how the existing stereotypes of masculinity are confusing the current generation of men.

In excerpts from their new book, Bridging the Gender Gap, Lynn Roseberry and Johan Roos argue that the gender gap exists because people don’t believe they can change it. See The Daily Beast.

The Huffington Post highlights conservative talk show hosts who criticize Michelle Obama’s body and appearance.

In order to teach in Brazil, women must prove their virginity or get pap smears. See Addicting Info.

NPR celebrates Mo’ne Davis for becoming the first female pitcher to throw a shutout in the Little League postseason.

Oxford Dictionary has officially validated the use of the word ‘mansplaining.’ See the Huffington Post.

An Ohio anti-abortion leader seeks to ban public nudity including breastfeeding. See Raw Story.

Michelle Roberts, NBA Union’s new leader, confronts gender barriers. See the New York TImes.

According to Think Progress, 70% of voters do not want the government to make more restrictions on abortions.

During his biggest speech of the year, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi slammed rape culture and violence against women. See Think Progress.

Feministing lists 7 young feminist role models that everyone should know about.

BuzzFeed created a timeline of 100 inspiring women who made history.

NPR finds that more and more dads want paternity leave.

In Delaware, a school board canceled its reading list rather than allowing a lesbian novel. See Jezebel.

To commemorate women winning the right to vote 94 years ago, Bustle outlines what we want to see happen in the next 94 years.

Michelle Duggar of TLC’s 19 Kids and Counting warns an Arkansas community that transgender people are pedophiles. See Think Progress.

The Supreme Court halts gay marriage in Virginia. See TPM.

Evidence suggests that encouraging young adults to abstain from sex until marriage actually poses a threat to their sexual health and overall wellbeing. See Think Progress.

Two engineers created a doll, Miss Possible, showing young girls that science, technology, engineering and mathematics are ready for more female pioneers. See Mic.

US News underscores how the abortion battle is really just about determining whether or not women should be allowed to have sex.

Zerlina Maxwell debunks the 10 worst myths about feminism. See Mic.

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