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Six domestic violence survivors explain why leaving abusive relationships can often endanger women and involve resources that aren’t readily available. See the Huffington Post.

A state representative in Missouri says he should be able to exclude birth control coverage from his insurance policy so his daughters can’t use it. See Cosmopolitan.

Ray Rice serves as a reminder as to why Congress passed the Violence Against Women Act. See US News.

Kirsten Gillibrand did not tolerate Rush Limbaugh’s comments about how domestic abuse is just liberals “feminizing” and “chickifying” the NFL. See Politico.

San Francisco lawmakers and police are working together to try to keep clinics safe from aggressive protesters while guaranteeing freedom of speech. See Jezebel.

Mic displays 13 images that show what a true cover girl looks like.

According to Jews News, Yazidi children as young as 12 are raped daily by ISIS.

MIT plans to host a breast pump hackathon. See Boston Magazine.

Even though Spain’s Conservative People’s party planned to enact some of the toughest abortion laws in Europe, their proposed changes proved to be unpopular. See the Guardian.

The newly crowned Miss American admits that she felt helpless against domestic violence. See NPR.

Kathy Griffin explains some of the obstacles women face in trying to host a network late-night talker. See AP.

To commemorate the five month anniversary of #BringBackOurGirls, the Huffington Post traces what has happened since the girls were kidnapped.

RH Reality Check proves that abortion insurance coverage is imperative for women’s safety.

Yahoo! illustrates some of the realities of the male modeling world.

The Taliban militants suspected of attacking Malala Yousafazi were arrested in Pakistan. See BuzzFeed.

A writer for the New York Times demonstrates that abortions are normal.

The Global Post shows the flaws embedded in the media’s coverage of sexual violence.

200 Staten Island students were given detention for violating an extreme new dress code. See PolicyMic.

Think Progress demonstrates how the gender wage gap hasn’t been reduced since 2007.

The New Republic highlights the 13 states that took action to raise the wage and how they have reaped the benefits.

BuzzFeed speculates what would happen if we talked about men the way we talk about women.

Barack Obama launched a campus sexual assault awareness campaign with a focus on engaging men in the fight. See the Huffington Post.

The Burka Avenger, which made its debut on Pakistani TV, aims to empower young women in a country where attacks on girls’ schools and repression of women remain enduring problems. See NPR.

Tennessee is the current site of the nation’s biggest abortion battle. See Mother Jones.

In North Dakota, many voters are unaware what they are voting about abortion in Measure 1. See Cosmopolitan.

The Huffington Post lists the most prominent lessons from Kirsten Gilibrand’s Off The Sidelines.

Slate explores whether IUDs could help halt the rise of single mothers, who are disproportionately impoverished.

Top Democrats urge radio stations to drop Rush Limbaugh after he suggested ‘No Means Yes.’ See Think Progress.

RH Reality Check discusses how Brazil’s criminal abortion laws are killing women.

Salon analyzed Kira Kazantsev’s pro-choice history.

Female GOP Senators propose that women earn 71% as much as their male colleagues. See the New Yorker.

The Guardian argues that the best way to prevent rape is to start by having an awkward conversation with teens.

According to Auto Straddle, 80% of Central American women are sexually assaulted while coming to the US.

Mic compiles photos of women who shatter the stereotype of what a real biker looks like.

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