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A waitress donated Rush Limbaugh’s generous tip to an abortion fund. See Gawker.

The United Arab Emirates confirmed rumors that its first female fighter pilot flew as part of the U.S.-led mission to strike targets in Syria. See Think Progress.

NPR highlights the story of Sister Forcades, a Spanish feminist who’s been reprimanded by the Vatican for supporting abortion rights.

Mic underscores that after the 2014 midterm elections, we could have more women serving in Congress than at any point in history.

The founder of the Australian tech company, LookSmart, bragged about paying women less than men. See Mic.

The Huffington Post lists 10 women street artists that are better than Banksy.

California has officially become the first state to require students on college campuses to receive active consent before all sexual activity. See the New York Times.

California also became the first state to adopt a law aiming to protect sex workers from being prosecuted as prostitutes merely because they’re carrying condoms. See the Huffington Post.

The Spanish government has retreated on abortion restrictions. See Open Democracy.

Think Progress addresses the surprising parallels between the US and a country with a Draconian abortion ban.

BuzzFeed has compiled a guide to contemporary feminist language.

Cosmopolitan spoke to author Caitlin Moran about how porn would be different if more people accepted that women masturbate, and why she still defends herself against the backlash.

Mic discusses how men on public transportation tend to sit with their legs spread wide open, encroaching upon the personal space of everyone around them, especially women.

The Huffington Post reveals that fewer than 1/3 of campus sexual assault cases result in expulsion.

During an appearance on a French Canadian TV show, Taylor Swift expressed her frustration as to how female celebrities are presented in the media and dismissed criticism against Emma Watson and her UN speech. See Mic.

CVS has promised to refund around 11,000 women who were illegally charged copays for birth control. See the Feminist Majority Foundation.

An Iraqi lawyer known for her work promoting women’s rights has been killed by Islamic State fighters. See the New York Times.

A National Review writer argues that women who have had abortions should be hanged. See Addicting Info.

Samuel-Warde promotes BuzzFeed’s video hypothesizing what would happen if women catcalled men.

A 15-year-old boy was so moved by Emma Watson’s recent speech about feminism that he wrote a response commending the actress and highlighting the significance her message. See the Huffington Post.

According to Jeopardy, women want a vacuum cleaner, tea, and pilates. See Take Part.

In Louisiana, rape victims are billed thousands of dollars for hospital exams. See Slate.

Cosmopolitan illustrates how abortion access may enable women to leave their abusive partners.

Mental Floss lists 6 matriarchal modern societies.

During a speech before the UN, Iceland’s Foreign Minister announced a men-only conference on gender equality. See NPR.

In her new photo essay, photojournalist Mary Calvert documents the recovery process for survivors of military sexual assault. See Mic.

The Labor Department announced that it is awarding half a million dollars to help three states and the District of Columbia conduct feasibility studies on new paid leave policies. See the Huffington Post.

Cornell University named Elizabeth Garrett as first female president in the institution’s 149 year history. See Bloomberg.

According to a new study from Babson College, less than 3 percent of the 6,793 companies that received venture capital from 2011-2013 were headed by a woman. See Alternet.

The Burg News demonstrates how women are proving that beer isn’t just for men.

A new national study conducted by the University of Cincinnati reveals that abortion is shockingly and universally misunderstood. See Mic.

Feministing exposes a girls’ onesie from Target that reads, “I Only Date Heroes.”

Republicans’ latest ad campaign for women compares voting to picking a wedding dress. See Think Progress.

BuzzFeed praises 17 celebrities who have the right idea about feminism.

A Conservative radio host believes that ‘weak women’ are to blame for the White House security breach. See Samuel-Warde.

RH Reality Check commemorates Dr. Morris Turner, who provided safe abortions for 40 years.

A new study reports that young women in Australia are rejecting certain career paths because of an overwhelming perception they will face sexism. See the Guardian.

Soraya Chemaly questions women’s lack of representation in film, TV, books, and games. See Role Reboot.

Ultra-Orthodox Jewish men caused a flight delay when they refused to sit next to women. See the Huffington Post.

Senator Patty Murray explains why she is standing up for rape survivors. See Refinery29.

Lena Dunham opens up about being a rape survivor. See the Huffington Post.

After a federal appellate court sided with Texas in the battle over its sweeping abortion law, 13 abortion clinics were forced to close immediately. See the New York Times.

30 men show us why sexual assault is never the victim’s fault. See Mic.

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