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The Huffington Post explains why it is important to get a head start on teaching your children what it means to be transgender.

Marriage equality has arrived in Scotland. See Think Progress.

A pregnant woman is jailed in Wisconsin to “protect” her fetus. See Feministing.

The Huffington Post describes the effects of sexual assault on one’s brain.

Bill Cosby’s wife comes to his defense. See New York Times.

The Huffington Post lists what the 29 best moments for women in 2014.

“Women are about to flood the corporate world in Germany.” See Time.

Refinery 29 lists 5 times feminism won on Tumblr in 2014.

The Huffington Post explains why it matters that women talk about their abortions.

American Apparel hires a woman as the new CEO after firing Dov Charney for sexually harassing employees. See PR Daily.

Jennifer Aniston on what is wrong with how we talk about motherhood. See Mic.

Actor Stephen Collins confesses to sexually abusing underage girls. See Huffington Post.

Here is a glimpse of what Tampon commercials would look like if men made them. See Huffington Post.

This bill would require women to ask men’s permission to have an abortion. See Huffington Post.

Anti-abortion groups are working hard to cast certain birth control methods as a form of abortion. See Think Progress.

Houston police shoot an unarmed Black man for behaving suspiciously. See Addicting Info.

Boston St. Patrick’s Parade welcomes gay vets for the first time. See Huffington Post.

New York Times on surviving rape in the military.

The church of England names its first female bishop. See NPR.

Mic lists 6 lies about virginity that we need to stop telling.

Same-sex weddings may soon begin in Florida. See New York Times.

The Miss World pageant put a ban on a bikinis for future competitions. See ABC News.

Mic lists 8 valuable lessons that women learned in 2014.

Here are 13 stunning photographs that shatters society’s stereotypes of transgender people. See Mic.

The U.S. and Cuba’s new relationship puts the fate of Assata Shakur in question. See MSNBC.

The Department of Justice extends legal protection to transgender employees. See MSNBC.

Our president on his personal experience of racial discrimination. See Huffington Post.

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