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Some men are starting to call themselves “Meninists” to express their opposition to feminism. See BuzzFeed.

The Huffington Post describes how women’s bodies were the ultimate battleground of war-torn 2014.

The Sony e-mail hack revealed how even rich and famous women are devalued. See the Washington Post.

The Boston Globe shares nine women’s sports stories that deserved more attention.

Domestic violence is two-to-four times more likely in families of police officers than in the general population. See Mic.

Jennifer Aniston expresses her views on motherhood and the unfair pressure that women experience to have children. See the Huffington Post.

Lizzie Fierro shares her positive experience of having same-sex parents and being raised in an unconventional family. See RH Reality Check.

Peace Corps rape survivors now have limited abortion rights. See Cosmopolitan.

RH Reality Check lists 12 ways that young people organized for human rights in 2014.

‘Manspreading’ on New York Subways Is Target of New M.T.A. Campaign. See the New York Times.

BuzzFeed highlights the 5 best charities that benefit girls and women.

The New York Times illuminates how the technology industry created vast new gender gaps for Stanford University’s pioneering class of 1994.

While transgender Cubans have been eligible for state-funded gender reassignment surgery since 2008, challenges still remain for same-sex couples on the island. See the New York Times.

The Columbia student accused of raping ‘mattress girl’ Emma Sulkowicz finally speaks out. See Mic.

The Huffington Post underscores the silver linings for women in 2014.

Katherine McKee and Lisa join the long list of Bill Cosby accusers. See the Huffington Post.

President Obama used a Toys for Tots event to break down gender stereotypes. See Mic.

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