Links We Love

A sex trafficking survivor speaks on her abuse. See KOIN News.

Mel B, A.K.A. Scary Spice, wants her daughters to live in an environment where they are able to be empowered. See Girl Talk HQ.

 The Atlantic describes the inequalities that exist in women’s boxing.

Here are 21 inspirational images of women standing up for their right to choose. See Huffington Post.

The State of the Union address included lesbians, bisexuals and transsexuals for the very first time. See Advocate.

RH Reality Check illustrates what a post-Roe v. Wade world would look like.

President Obama big-brothers members of the Boys and Girls Club in honor of Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy. See Huffington Post.

Two 13-year-old girls lead a campaign to amend Ontario’s sexual health curriculum. See Mic.

These female GOP lawmakers object to the rape clause in the 20-week abortion bill. See Politico.

This naked woman is sending a huge message to women about society and their bodies. See Mic.

In a society where hair is a race issue, a 12-year-old White girl receives backlash for wearing box-braids. See Naturally Moi.

Mic reveals what men really think about women who carry condoms.

This study shows that men and women prefer egalitarian relationships. See News Wise.

The Congressional Black Caucus visits Ferguson to stand in solidarity with members of the community rooting for reform. See Huffington Post.

Time lists the 12 new faces of Black leadership.

A former “Biggest Loser” contestant speaks out about the shows hand in fat-shaming. See Jezebel.

Gay twin brothers come out to their father in this emotional video that went viral. See Huffington Post.

Kansas Republican Senator Garrett Love plans to introduce a 14-week abortion ban in state legislature. See Feminist Majority.

This woman’s poem explains the 10 learned behaviors of Black girls. See Everyday Feminist.

Mic covers Pope Francis and his thoughts on birth control.

Pressure from the Egyptian government has led media to increase anti-gay coverage. See Buzz Feed News.

Here is a look inside of the UK’s thriving drag queen scene. See Huffington Post.

RH Reality Check explains why we must be honest about abortion care.

Huffington Post on stupid questions that women are asked on the red carpet.

Is Pope Francis a feminist? See Mic.

Abortion clinics are struggling and laws are being passed that restrict a woman’s right to choose which makes the erosion a Roe v. Wade a reality. See RH Reality Check.

Queen B on feminism, body image and the pressures of being African American. See Girl Talk HQ.

RH Reality Check on how combating abortion stigma requires more than just storytelling.

Stephen Fry, actor in “The Hobbit,” marries his partner. See Huffington Post.

RH Reality Check explains how your right to abortion care is in danger.

Lighter-skinned African American women are privileged over darker-skinned women. See For Harriet.

These letters to Supreme Court Justice Harry Blackmun illustrate the public’s post-Roe v. Wade reactions. See RH Reality Check.

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