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The Grammys address domestic violence with a PSA from President Obama. See USA Today.

After President Obama’s PSA on domestic violence, the Grammys welcomed Brooke Axtell who delivered a poem about her experience with abuse. See Mic.

Are activist investors targeting female C.E.O.s? See New York Times.

See Forbes to find out how women entrepreneurs bypass obstacles to fund innovation.

Huffington Post shed light on the legacy of Black LGBT activist, Pauli Murray.

Baptist pastor performs one of Alabama’s fist same-sex wedding ceremonies after the state overturned its ban on gay marriage. See Huffington Post.

These 14 words carry a deeper meaning for Black people. See BuzzFeed.

This Indian comic book superhero is a gang rape survivor who fights against sexual violence and promotes women’s rights. See Huffington Post.

Jon Stewart is retiring and Salon expresses how he is not “just a comedian.”

This woman was arrested in Alabama for trying to perform a legal same-sex marriage. See Huffington Post.

Court claims that even if a woman was fired because she was breastfeeding that would not be considered sex discrimination because men can lactate too. See Huffington Post.

This woman will inspire you to treat your body right with her powerful story. See BuzzFeed.

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg believes that America is ready to accept a constitutional decision legalizing gay marriage. See Mother Jones.

Edie Windsor takes another step to knock down final barriers to marriage equality. See Huffington Post.

BuzzFeed went to the BAFTA Awards in London and asked men the same questions that women get asked.

Angelina Jolie opens UK centre to fight warzone violence against women. See Guardian.

Although Federal judges ruled to legalize same-sex marriages, most Alabama probate judges refused to issue marriage licences to gay and lesbian couples. See New York Times.

Here is a video illustrating what Italian boys think of domestic violence. See Girl Talk HQ.

Meet Karla, the trans woman who transformed a gang-controlled prison. See BuzzFeed.

Arizona lawmakers seeks to put a ban on insurance coverage for abortion care. See RH Reality Check.

This gay student’s devastating viral video forced him to leave his private Christian high school. See Mic.

Threats against abortion clinics have dramatically increased since 2010. See Huffington Post.

Huffington Post lists six Black politicians that you most likely did not learn about it school.

AlterNet comes to the defense of divorce.



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