Links We Love

The Huffington Post explores why we need a gender-neutral approach to eating disorders.

In her new art shows, Janine Antoni addressed childbirth and the female body. See New York Magazine.

A young teenage girl in India rallied her community to put an end to sexual harassment. See Medium.

A Delhi rapist of the 2012 gang rape said that the victim should not have fought back. See BBC.

An Indian court banned a documentary on a Delhi gang rape featuring an interview with one of the rapists. See The New York Times.

CNN compiled a list of 7 women who changed the world.

The New York Times compares how nonemployed men and women spend their weekdays.

Yahoo! News questions what would happen if birth control were available on drugstore shelves.

The Huffington Post lists 21 quotes on womanhood by female authors.

According to the New York Times, women’s shelters are one of the most provocative legacies of the Western presence in Afghanistan.

The latest anti-choice strategy consists of a continued reduction of access to reproductive health care. See RH Reality Check.

Duke’s basketball coach knew one of his players had been accused of rape before the player was dismissed a year later. See Ms. Magazine.

Mic highlights 7 places in the world that not only fail to protect LGBT individuals, but also actively criminalize their existence.

ELLE shows the effect that tight clothing has on women’s bodies.

The ‘Like A Girl’ sequel succeeds again for promoting empowerment. See the Huffington Post.

Refinery 29 suggests 30 books to read by women for Women’s History Month.

Germany sets gender quota in boardrooms. See the New York Times.

Emma Watson urges more men to fight for gender equality. See Thomson Reuters Foundation.

Skeletons kiss, dance, and defeat stereotypes to prove that love has no labels. See Makers.


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