Links We Love

Think Progress shows us what to be prepared for in the media’s coverage of Hillary Clinton.

The Atlantic highlights 10 pressing questions about the Hillary Clinton campaign.

13 women flawlessly answer why they are still single. See Mic.

The Huffington Post displays Claire Ayoub’s witty comebacks to annoying sexist comments.

RH Reality Check shows why family planning initiatives should focus on people rather than numbers.

China frees the remainder of its female human rights’ activists. See Jezebel.

Cosmopolitan applauds 10 incredible women who have fought for equal pay.

The gender wage gap differs by occupation. See the Huffington Post.

By law, pharmacists are permitted to deny necessary drugs after a miscarriage. See Mother Jones.

Fifth Harmony expresses its devotion to promote feminism. See the Huffington Post.

BuzzFeed proves that women pay more than men for similar products.

Zerlina Maxwell describes how Hillary can win black women voters. See Essence.

Think Progress explores why ‘Girls’ star, Jemima Kirke, talks about her abortion in a new PSA.

A Republican Maine senator announced that he is withdrawing his religious freedom bill. See LGBTQ Nation.

16 female senators give their best advice to young women. See Cosmopolitan.

To celebrate Emma Watson’s birthday, Refinery 29 lists 10 of her most inspirational quotes.

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