Links We Love

The GOP is struggling with shifts on gay marriage. See the New York Times.

The New York Times provides an overview on the Supreme Court’s arguments over same-sex marriage.

Congress increases funding for abstinence only programs. See RH Reality check.

NPR explores whether it is sexist to say that women are superior to men.

The Salon speculates that Purvi Patel’s conviction could open a floodgate of similar prosecutions for abortions and miscarriages.

The Huffington Post proves why Lucille Ball was revolutionary.

The student accused of rape filed a lawsuit against Columbia University. See BuzzFeed.

Even in the midst of a budget crisis, anti-choice advocates in Kansas seek money to defend an extreme abortion ban. See Jezebel.

In response to body shaming subway ads, critics have highlighted the sexist nature of the promotions. See the Huffington Post.

The Nigerian army has rescued 200 girls and 93 women. See the Sydney Morning Herald.

Colorado refuses to fund award-winning IUD program that has dramatically reduced teen births. See Think Progress.

A peer editor tells female researchers that their study needs a male author. See the Washington Post.

MAKERS displays 10 feminist gifs that know exactly how you feel.

The Huffington Post describes the dynamic at the last abortion clinic in North Dakota.

Sheryl Sandberg’s husband, Dave Goldberg, was a lifelong women’s advocate. See the New York Times.

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