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Vox reports on the racism and sexism faced by Serena Williams as one of the world’s top professional tennis players.

The Huffington Post highlights how Afghan women are fusing Islam and feminism to make strides towards gender equality.

Miss Piggy declares herself an avid feminist. See TIME.

A photo series beautifully documents the glory of mothers’ bodies. See the Huffington Post.

It’s the 50th anniversary of legalized contraception for married couples, and America has been changed for the better. See Roling Stone.

As the Women’s World Cup begins, The Atlantic reminds us of the discrimination faced by female professional athletes.

Ariana Grande calls out sexism with an awesome twitter post. See The Guardian.

Following the Duggar case, Salon exposes how conservative media manipulates reports to choose the side of the molester.

Dame Magazine warns us about the presidential candidates who want to reduce birth control access.

Following disturbing McKinney police activity, Jessica Williams uses comedy to expose systemic racism. See Feministing.

Also following McKinney, the Huffington Post highlight how police brutality and sexual harassment go hand in hand for black women.

Human Rights Watch reports on the devastating impact of child marriage in Bangladesh.

Zoe Saldana’s husband takes her last name, because who wouldn’t want to be Mr. Saldana? See the Huffington Post.

Hilariously ignorant anti-abortion groups don’t understand why NARAL president is pregnant. See Jezebel.

Female scientists respond to a Nobel Laureate’s sexist comments with #distractinglysexy photos of them at work. See Uproxx.

A mom calls out Target for gendering its toy sections. See CNN.

The Atlantic reports on the lack of abortion training in America’s medical schools.

The Huffington Post highlights 9 feminist statements from Orange is the New Black stars.

A woman who has struggled with loving her body celebrates her 30th birthday by strolling NYC in a bikini. See Buzzfeed.

Jessica Alba reflects on her immense entrepreneurial success after years of being seen as just “a girl in a bikini.” See Forbes.

Republicans may have accidentally increased interest in over-the-counter birth control. See RH Reality Check.

After NAACP leader turns out to be white, the Huffington Post shuts down flawed comparisons between appropriating blackness and being transgender.

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  1. Hi there, I guess you are pretty busy but thought I’d ask a favour anyhow. I read the Vox article on Serena Williams and watched the video attached to it about how ‘Race is not biologically real’ and found it very interesting, can you direct me to articles written by people who identify with specific races such as African American or Indigenous Australian that give their outlook on this and/or more detailed information explaining this concept. I have shared the video on my Facebook page and expect people to question it and would like to be better able to respond to them without making racist or insensitive comments myself. Thanks

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