Links We Love

 Amnesty International reports on the physical effects of widespread gender discrimination in Nepal.

Forbes shares the objectives of International Women’s Day for 2014.

Olivia Wilde talks about women and feminism in Hollywood. See Jezebel.

IndieWire outlines 7 upsetting facts about women in the media.

Rebecca Dryden speaks with Rachel Marrow about the war on abortion rights and FDA-approved abortion medications. See MSNBC.

According to AAUW, research shows that engineers think girls are crucial to the field.

Arizona’s governor, Jan Brewer, vetoed a bill that would have given business owners the right to refuse service to gay and lesbian customers. See New York Times and Think Progress.

The President of a Planned Parenthood in St. Louis wants city leaders to help the patients and staff who are subjected to protestors’ verbal abuse and intimidation. See KMOV.

Upworthy demonstrates how Hollywood’s representation of abortions diverges from reality.

Chelsea Handler expresses in the Huffington Post why the success of any woman should not be attributed to her gender.

Women outnumber men for the first time in Berkeley’s Introduction to Computer Science course. See Tech Crunch.

The Department of Justice has selected three Native American tribes to exercise the authority to try defendants in domestic abuse cases. See NPR.

The Good Men Project analyzes how the sexual abuse of boys by attractive females is often dismissed when the perpetrator is attractive.

Honda appoints a woman to its board for the first time. See the New York Times.

Virginia lawmaker Steve Martin referred to pregnant women as a “child’s host.” See JezebelFeministing provides an illustration of a “child’s host.”

The Supreme Court ruled that Arizona cannot withhold Planned Parenthood funds over abortion. See Arizona Daily Star.

Delta Air Lines apologizes after telling a mother that she could not breastfeed her child without covering herself up. See NY Daily News.

RH Reality Check cites the Women’s Media Center’s annual report as to how White men still dominate the media.

A Professor of Law at Georgetown University breaks down the Hobby Lobby Case and what it means for birth control guarantee. See Scotus Blog.

We Women lists the 6 craziest laws against women’s rights worldwide.

The Netherlands, Denmark, and Norway are the first to suspend their financial assistance to Uganda in response to the implementation of its anti-gay law. See Gay Star News.

State lawmakers in Alabama approved four anti-abortion bills that would be some of the most severe restrictions in the US. See Huffington Post.

Leighton Meester revealed that her role model is Betty Friedan. See Huffington Post.

Think Progress questions why more colleges are not helping rape victims.

The Salon describes how black women often get erased from discourses on reproductive justice.

A Federal Judge voided Texas’ ban on gay marriage. See Dallas News.

Hillary Clinton emphasized that women’s rights are everyone’s responsibility. See Huffington Post.

Policy Mic writes about how Sweden has more women in its government than the US.

The Huffington Post extracts messages from Wall Street Journal Op-Eds as to how to be a good woman.

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