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Google has launched a $50 million initiative to teach young girls how to code. See TIME.

Bob Jones University told rape victims to repent and seek out the sin that caused them to be raped. See Raw Story.

The Tigers’ manager, Brad Ausmus, apologized for his sarcastic remark about beating his wife when his team isn’t playing well. See Fox Sports.

A recent study in the Journal of Children and Media demonstrates how teen sexting reflects inequality. See Samuel-Warde.

According to Salon, black women comprised Obama’s largest voting demographic and have been the subject of no executive orders, no White House initiatives, and no pieces of progressive legislation.

Over 1,000 women and girls of color signed a letter asking for their inclusion in President Barack Obama’s “My Brother’s Keeper” initiative. See AAPF.

California plans to investigate the illegal sterilization of female inmates. See TIME.

RT reveals that 60 cases of female genital mutilation were discovered in a Swedish school.

1 in 5 Delhi women told the International Center for Research on Women that they do not go out out at night due to their fear of violence. See the Huffington Post.

Iceland is the country with the most gender equality according to the World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Report. See Bustle.

The Huffington Post describes the challenges that Mattel’s new tech entrepreneur Barbie will face.

The Guardian shows how millennial women are redefining leadership through their confidence and desire for feedback.

Bloomington, Indiana plans to open its first resource center with a range of options for women with unplanned pregnancies. See RH Reality Check.

The Senate Appropriations Committee passed measures that would repeal policies restricting abortion-care abroad. See RH Reality Check.

The House Committee voted to extend abortion coverage to Peace Corps volunteers who are raped during their service. See the Huffington Post.

The Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals says Catholic groups must comply with the contraception coverage requirements. See RH Reality Check.

The Supreme Court holds a temporary ban on Wisconsin’s anti-abortion law. See Ms. Magazine.

Policy Mic outlines 7 moments that make ‘How to Train Your Dragon 2’ a feminist movie.

The Huffington Post displays 12 female characters, or ‘rejected princesses,’ that do not fit the Disney Princess mold.

Policy Mic explains the persistence of soccer’s anti-gay problem.

The Vulture introduces Pixar’s new movie and portrays how it will affect women.

Jezebel publicizes an infographic portraying the realities that women directors in Hollywood experience.

Upworthy highlights 5 things that men need to stop doing to women.

President Obama hopes to expand sick leave for same-sex couples. See the Feminist Majority Foundation.

President Obama reminds Americans that the US is the only developed country in the world without paid maternity leave. See the Huffington Post.

The New York Times explains how many people do not leave their abusive marriages because of the social value placed on two-parent households.

Boko Haram is suspected of having abducted dozens more girls and women in northeastern Nigeria. See the New York Times.

Nigeria officially ended its kidnapping investigation and over 200 girls remain missing. See Business Insider.

NPR explores what it means to be a man in America today.

RH Reality Check determines why the ‘End Demand’ campaigns against sex work prove unsuccessful.

Senator Claire McCaskill led the second of three Capitol Hill discussions on sexual assault in universities. See Aljazeera America.

Ethan Hawke believes that kids today are less homophobic. See ROYGBIV.

The New Republic underscores the implications of the Hobby Lobby case.

A heckled Japanese politician gained worldwide attention for standing up to sexism. See Ms. Magazine.

According to the New York Times, women quit their jobs during their peak years, which serves as a setback not only for themselves, but also for the economy.

The Good Men Project connects child pornography to human trafficking.

Verizon shows how certain refrains can actually discourage girls from pursuing STEM projects. See the Huffington Post.

Think Progress reported that for the first time on record, the top-paid CFO is a woman.

Some Texans have been trying to tell their hospitals that abortion is health care. See RH Reality Check.

The Supreme Court unanimously struck down Massachusetts’ abortion buffer zone law. See Think Progress.

Under the new Michigan-approved budget, the state funnels $800,000 to fund programs that promote child birth. See Think Progress.

Olivia Wilde responds to a reviewer who thinks that she is too hot to play a writer. See Policy Mic.

The Daily Show alludes to how the expression of emotions in politics is gendered.

Peter MacKay thanks moms for changing diapers and dads for changing minds. See Global News.

The 10 biggest feminist advertisement failures according to Policy Mic.

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