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An abortion clinic in Austin, Texas called Whole Women’s Health closed its doors after facing strict anti-abortion laws. See Cosmopolitan.

A woman wore a hidden camera to prove how many times a day she experiences harassment. See Upworthy.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg acknowledges and approves of her ‘notorious’ nickname. See the Huffington Post.

The New Statesman follows the sexual revolution occurring in Iran.

Jezebel opposes the required gender question on paperwork.

A group of engineers in India have designed an electric bra as a form of rape defense. See DW.

Lego has officially unveiled its newest set that features three female science researchers. See PolicyMic.

Minnesota passed the Women’s Economic Security Act requiring employers to provide basic accommodations for pregnant workers and protections for mothers who need to pump breast milk. See RH Reality Check.

The UK’s National Health Service is encountering backlash for its anti-drinking campaign that promotes victim-blaming. See Feministing.

A new study reveals that women tend to be perceived as easier to mislead during negotiations. See the Salon.

Migrant children are fleeing a region filled with sexual violence. See the New Republic.

Emma Watson laughs off Turkish politician’s sexism by releasing a photo. See the Huffington Post.

Thinking Humanity depicts what women would look like in iconic paintings if they were photoshopped to correspond with today’s unrealistic beauty standards.

A federal judge ruled that an Alabama law requiring abortion providers to have admitting privileges at local hospitals is unconstitutional. See the Huffington Post.

The Huffington Post highlights an airport campaign that exposes different states’ treatment of women.

The Good Men Project questions how we can fix the omnipresent sexism in the tech industry.

India’s right-wing party calls rape accusations ‘fashionable.’ See Addicting Info.

RH Reality Check explores why anti-choice activists harassed unitarians in New Orleans.

The Washington Post demonstrates how pregnant women fight to maintain their jobs due to the lack of reasonable accommodations.

Nebraska has refused to give a driver’s license to a same-sex married women or recognize her name. See the Raw Story.

The EEOC released data that shows how pregnancy discrimination hits low-wage workers the hardest. See the Washington Post.

As justices’ rulings increasingly advance gay rights, Ruth Bader Ginsburg identifies an inconsistency in how the values of equality pertain to women. See the New York Times.

According to the Atlantic, hedge funds run by women tend to outperform those run by men.

The Huffington Post lists 10 everyday sexisms and how to combat them.

France has passed a gender equality law that eases current restrictions on abortion, encourages paternity leave and promotes gender parity at home and in the workplace. See Reuters.

An FGM survivor shares her experiences in an effort to fight against the genital cutting of British girls. See NPR.

A transgender woman claims that Immigration Detention officials told her to pretend that her rape was consensual. See Think Progress.

Olivia Wilde and Alanis Morisette express their support for breastfeeding in public. See Bust.

The Huffington Post suggests 3 ways to resist rape culture.

Human Rights Campaign released 10 facts on the LGBT community in Mississippi.

Madison Kimrey writes an open-letter to Michelle Obama on the importance of educating girls. See Samuel-Warde.

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