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Some college men worry that the movement to take rape seriously is affecting their sex lives. See Salon.

The Obama administration has created a new set of rules to provide women with access to contraception. See msnbc.

Ms. Magazine demonstrates how Rwandan women currently hold over 50% of government positions.

Mic provides a chart guiding men as to how not to be predators.

The superintendent of an Oklahoma high school slut shamed female students over their clothing. See the Raw Story.

A new study reveals that teaching about contraception in schools reduces teen pregnancy rates. See Mic.

Salon reports that contraception is saving the U.S. billions of dollars in teen pregnancy.

Mic celebrates this year’s VMAs for focusing on women.

Male science students have developed a manicure that changes color when exposed to ‘date rape’ drugs. See Daily Mail and Buzzfeed.

Think Progress explains why rape prevention activists oppose the new nail polish that can detect roofies.

Mic outlines 11 ways to solve rape better than nail polish.

Vox explores what it is like to work in Mississippi’s only abortion clinic.

RH Reality Check prompts its readers to participate in the Taco or Beer Challenge and donate to an abortion fund.

Listaholic outlines 20 sexist laws in America.

Women Under Siege illustrates the cost of violence against women in the U.S.

According to the Wisconsin Gazette, gender plays a big role as two women top the Wisconsin ballot.

The Good Men Project analyzes the objectification of male bodies.

As the Emmy’s aspires to celebrate women, Sofia Vergara was perched on top of a turntable. See Think Progress.

Take Part underscores how women deserve to be asked about more than their dresses during red carpet moments.

LGBT women have more trouble getting health care and personal doctors. See Jezebel.

With only 8 legal abortion providers remaining in Texas, the University of Texas’ Texas Policy Evaluation Project determines there will be only one legal abortion provider for every one million Texans who could become pregnant. See RH Reality Check.

The Mobile Alliance for Maternal Action, MAMA, provides health information via mobile phone to women throughout each stage of pregnancy. See the Huffington Post.

California reverses its decision that allowed Catholic colleges to refuse to cover abortion. See the Feminist Majority Foundation.

msnbc has created a campus-by-campus report card on college sexual assault.

According to Aljazeera, Ethiopian girls as young as 5 are married off.

A new generation of Native American women is trying to preserve their culture. See Marie Claire.

After Mo’ne Davis makes history, a white man asks why she doesn’t do something more ‘female friendly.’ See Upworthy.

The Daily Beast discusses how Obamacare now pays for gender reassignment.

Mic highlights the absurdity in the rape advice given to women by attempting to give the same advice to men.

University of Iowa students were back in classes for only one day before a sexual assault was reported. See Think Progress.

Senator Gillibrand reveals the comments about her body that she has received from her male colleagues. See Think Prgoress.

The Vice President for Education and Training at Planned Parenthood of NYC explains the importance of moving sex education from the classroom to the community. See Youth Today.

The Huffington Post links being objectified to sexual coercion in romantic relationships.

The Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services proposed new regulations that could expand birth control access for low-income residents. See RH Reality Check.

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