Let Your Story Become #MyStory

When I began sherights, I intentioned it to serve as a platform for raising women’s voices and experiences. I’m honored that over the last few years, several people have joined me in sharing their personal experiences, from abortion to rape, sexual harassment, and more.

Call me greedy, but I want even more.

It is through sharing our stories as women and feminist allies (ahem, #FeministMen), that we help dismantle stigma and patriarchal norms, and gain support, tolerance and understanding of ourselves and others.

Are you an abortion clinic escort? Activist? A female working in STEM or other male-dominated field? Sexual assault survivor? Have you had an abortion? Do you identify as LGBT? A woman of color?  We want to hear — and share — your story, too. (And by no means is this list of identities and experiences exhaustive).

If you are interested in joining our #MyStory series, please email editor@sherights.com.


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