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Cecile Richards writes for ELLE advocating the end to the silence that fuels abortion stigma.

14 sexual assault survivors prove that sexual assault can happen to anyone. See Everyday Sexism.

The New York Times addresses the presence of transgender men at Wellesley.

Barbie and American Girl Doll sales have been declining. See the Huffington Post.

Nigeria’s military has agreed with Boko Haram to ceasefire and release the kidnapped girls. See BBC.

Mindy Kaling discusses the challenges of being a pioneer and encountering sexism through her work. See NPR.

Mic describes how rape culture has seeped into many institutions: schools, workplaces, movies, and the radio.

Vogue highlights why now is the right time to discuss paid maternity leave.

A pastor who prayed for Obama’s death now claims that birth control makes women whores. See Americans Against The Tea Party.

Carol Rossetti, a Brazilian artist, created a beautiful series of illustrations titled Women. See BuzzFeed.

Tyra Banks proves that Victoria’s Secret Angels can still consider themselves feminists. See Mic.

The president of the Russian Tennis Association was fined and suspended after he referred to Venus and Serena Williams as “the Williams brothers.” See Think Progress.

According to Jezebel, UC Berkeley is investigating at least six incidents of rape at campus fraternities.

The Washington Post shows how the sex ed gap not only pertains to a financial discrepancy but also an informational one.

The Huffington Post underscores how the prominent sexualized culture has lead to a mental health crisis among young American girls.

Several Harvard Law School professors are asking the university to withdraw its new sexual misconduct policy. See the New York Times.

FCKH8 enlisted a few young girls to curse to allude to feminism and inequality between the sexes. See BuzzFeed.

NPR analyzes the trajectory of how women have dressed for success.

50.50 argues that the increased violence against young feminist activists needs to be matched by funders.

With 13 women accusing Bill Cosby of rape, Mic questions why America has forgiven him.

Pat Robinson thinks that the people enforcing LGBT nondiscrimination laws are “terrorists, radicals, and extremists.” See Right Wing Watch.

A Conservative think tank says that women worry too much about roofies. See the Huffington Post.

The Guardian calls for more portrayals of strong female characters in children’s and teen books.

A 74-year-old grandmother shares what having an abortion in 1959 was like. See BuzzFeed.

The Root demonstrates how we create more job opportunities when black women-owned businesses succeed.

The Huffington Post lists 30 shocking domestic violence statistics to remind us that it truly is an epidemic.

Her Campus Bucknell encourages women to embrace the use of the abbreviation “TMI.”

Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls suggests some female heroine Halloween costume ideas.

The New York Times reveals the battle for gay rights in rural America.

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