Links We Love

Mic highlights the massive feminist protest in Barcelona that the English-speaking world has completely ignored.

The Huffington Post celebrates Hillary Clinton’s birthday with 7 awesome things that she has said this past year.

A ‘My Little Pony’ Parody explains income inequality. See TIME.

The New York Times offers some suggestions as to how princess-obsessed toddlers can be molded into feminists.

An Iranian woman was hanged for killing her rapist. See msnbc.

Jennifer Garner illuminates the issue of sexism at the “Women In Hollywood” event. See the Huffington Post.

An Afghan women’s cycling team aspires to pursue its Olympic dream. See the Guardian.

A young female musician discusses the ‘gender challenge’ in Pakistan. See Freemuse.

The UK treats approximately 300 women and girls each month for the aftereffects of female genital mutilation. See the Daily Beast.

An MIT sexual assault survey reveals that many female undergraduate students downplay their own attacks. See the Huffington Post.

Mic lists 16 things that women were told they couldn’t do this year.

Slate follows an abortion-provider on his four month mission to reopen the only clinic in Northern Alabama.

A multi-year study in California proved that additional health workers, such as nurse practitioners, midwives, and trained physician’s assistants, can safely provide abortions. See Think Progress.

A woman walking around NYC got catcalled 108 times in one day. See New York Magazine.

Mic underscores the 7 things that men get wrong about street harassment.

In a poetry slam, Terisa Siagatonu and Rudy Francisco wrote and performed this piece called “Sons” addressing rape culture in America. See SFG.

Soraya Chemaly writes for Bitch Magazine arguing that teen sexting isn’t the problem, but rather the non-consensual forwarding of photos.

In her new London show, artist Aleah Chapin celebrates the female figure at every age. See the Telegraph.

Emma Sulkowicz’s mattress protest has started a national movement. See Think Progress.

As voters anticipate the Personhood Amendment in North Dakota, two women speak out. See RH Reality Check.

Mic suggests 9 DIY feminist Halloween costumes that will never be found in a costume store.

The Huffington Post refers to 11 witches from fiction who embody the significance of feminism.

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