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Boko Haram leader states that the 200 plus schoolgirls who were kidnapped in April have been “married off” to Boko Haram fighters. See Jezebel.

Lawsuits were filed against Phi Kappa Tau when a member of the Georgia Tech fraternity sexually assaulted two women using the playbook described in a “luring your rapebait” email. See the Huffington Post.

A presentation at Ramapo College of New Jersey in Mahwah, New Jersey tells female students to practice their anti-rape face. See Mic.

Our lovely founder, Maureen, disproves 7 of the most common myths about periods on Mic.

Kansas’ gay marriage ban was ruled on unconstitutional. See the Huffington Post.

Think Progress explains why women’s soccer players’ fight against FIFA is bigger than a single lawsuit.

Rwanda ranks seventh on a prominent study of the gender gap in various countries, while The U.S. did not even crack the top 10. See Take Part.

Ms. Magazine lists the top 4 scariest things that could happen if women did not vote on Tuesday.

If you think you vote does not matter, Mic offers 4 charts that proves that you are wrong.

This video of kids on Mashable can teach adults a lot about body image.

The world does not end when a woman takes a photo of her breastfeeding her child at graduation. See Jezebel.

Colorado and North Dakota rejected personhood on election day while an anti-abortion measure is passed in Tennessee. See the Feminist Majority Foundation.

A professional mansplainer tries to mansplain harassment to a woman on CNN. See Feministing.

The Huffington Post highlights how women of color are an undeniable force among American voters.

The Huffington Post displays 27 badass images of women winning and exercising their right to vote.

Adios Barbie explains why the media still does not get lesbianism right.

The Supreme Court upholds a law that requires crisis pregnancy centers to inform clients whether or not they have medical personnel on site. See Salon.

RH Reality Check explains why anti-abortion initiatives are passing while “personhood” laws are failing.

Kiera Knightly takes a stand against Photoshop. See the Huffington Post.

Federal appeals court in Ohio upholds marriage bans in four states. See the New York Times.

For the first time ever, there are 100 women in Congress. See the XXfactor.

Mic reveals horrifying secrets behind those trendy feminist t-shirts.

Women Deliver poses the question, “Can young people end child marriage?”

A state court judge in Missouri ruled that the state’s same-sex couples’ marriage ban is unconstitutional. See Buzzfeed.

Young men emerge as allies in the battle against sexual assault. See The Christian Science Monitor.

In Oregon, 64% of voter turn-out are in support of constitutional equality for women. See the Feminist Majority Foundation.

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