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The Supreme Court upholds a New York City law that requires crisis pregnancy centers in New York City to inform patients that they do not have any medical professionals on staff. See The Feminist Majority Foundation Blog.

Women are sharing photos of what they wore when they were catcalled on the But What Was She Wearing tumblr. See BuzzFeed.

Arizona Department of Health Services threatened to search NARAL executive director’s home. See RH Reality Check.

Women in India are accessing the Instant Complaint Logging Internet Kiosk (iClik) where they can anonymously report crimes and break the culture of silence that surrounds crimes such as domestic violence, dowry abuse and rape. See the Huffington Post.

Movie Pilot highlights how Disney Princesses promote an unrealistic and unattainable beauty ideal.

According to the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy, support for contraception transcends party lines. See Think Progress.

New research proves that women are less likely to tell their pro-life friends about their abortions. See the Salon.

Lawmakers in Uganda are considering pass a new anti-gay bill. See Think Progress.

A Saudi Arabian gay man has been sentenced to 3 years in jail for “immoral acts.” See Gulf News.

The Huffington Post illustrates the harsh reality that women confront when they come home from war.

Adios Barbie analyzes why the media still struggles to accurately represent lesbianism.

Columbia University is fining a group of students for protesting sexual assault. See Mic.

The president of Lincoln University in Pennsylvania suggested in a speech to female students that several women on campus had made false rape charges the previous semester. See the Huffington Post.

TIME includes ‘feminist’ in its poll of which words should be banned in 2015.

The Huffington Post responds to TIME’s poll underscoring that feminist isn’t a buzzword, but a movement.

A city in Georgia bans abortions in instances of rape and incest because the mayor doesn’t want to deal with the “drama.” See Raw Story.

Eleven Indian women died during a state-run mass sterilization campaign. See the Guardian.

RH Reality Check describes how a purity culture does not adequately prepare teenagers for healthy sexual exploration.

The total abortion ban in El Salvador is driving many pregnant teenagers to commit suicide. See Think Progress.

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