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Monday’s grand jury decision revealed that there was no indictment of Darren Wilson involving the Michael Brown shooting. See NPR.

Mic explains why you should delete your Uber account if you care about women.

Think Progress introduces the two men who ventured on a 550 mile Run For Justice from Atlanta to Michael Brown’s memorial in Ferguson.

At the end of a work day, more fathers are heading into the kitchen. See the New York Times.

New Jersey is requiring college campuses to define when “yes mean yes” in an effort to stem the tide of sexual assaults. See the Huffington Post.

Anti-choice activists in Alabama hope to put an abortion clinic out of business by encouraging lawmakers to enact a new ordinance that requires abortion clinics to maintain the same distance from schools as sex offenders do. See Think Progress.

Mic reveals that the murders of these beauty queens in Latin and Central America is no anomaly.

Sony immediately pulls its sexist PlayStation ad. See Jezebel.

An 11-year-old activist tells MSNBC what the people of Ferguson need.

Following the Ferguson decision, Police Commissioner Bill Bratton is sprayed with paint during Times Square protests. See New York Daily News.

Kate Hudson slams the media’s portrayal of body image. See Girl Talk HQ.

Restaurants in Saudi Arabia have been asked by the kindom’s National Society For Human Rights to remove signs which forbid entry to single women. See BBC.

Slate explains what cops are actually thinking when a woman claims she was raped.

Federal judge overturns Mississippi’s ban on same-sex marriage. See Think Progress.

University of Virginia administrators’ react to their rape culture as a public relations strategy. See RH Reality Check.

Anna Kendrick agrees that “feminist” is not a bad word and says people need to own the word. See the Huffington Post.

Mic reveals and debunks the biggest stereotypes about pubic hair.

Mic lists 11 things White people should stop saying to Black People.

The National Memo on Darren Wilson recalling how Michael Brown looked like a “demon.”

A Polish town bans Winnie the Pooh for being half-naked and of “dubious sexuality.” See HwDaily Hub.

According to Eckerd College president, Donald Eastman III, campus rapes are the students’ fault. See Mic.

America has always struggled to love Black Youth. See. The Good Men Project.

Women have found their voices in the Ferguson protests. See the LA Times.

Mic describes the conversation that we need to be having about female masturbation.

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