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Darren Wilson has resigned and he is four months too late. See Mic.

Shia LaBeouf claims that he had been raped but people are not taking him seriously. See Mic.

There has been a outpouring of public outrage in Germany after a woman is killed defending teenage girls from harassment. See Huffington Post.

The Finnish Parliament approved marriage equality by a vote of 105-92. See Think Progress.

RH Reality Check reveals that Rosa Parks did not just refuse to move to the back of the bus but also combating sexual violence to defend Black women and girls.

The Agenda captures Terry Crews and his views on being a man, feminism and the mindset that leads to rape.

The Peggy Young case that is seeking job protection for pregnant women heads to the Supreme Court. See New York Times.

The top male engineers at Google make nearly 20% more than their female counterparts. See Washington Post.

Think Progress explains why these rape survivors want the world to know their names.

Activists in Austin, Texas help women travel to abortion clinics, as the number of these clinics have been shrinking in the U.S. See New York Times.

This man is the first person to be convicted under California’s new revenge porn law. See Jezebel.

Riba Product Selector reveals that females architects inhabit an industry that is rife with sexism.

Mic uncovers what is really happening to abortion rates in America.

The D.C. Council voted to take a step for gay rights by banning conversion therapy. See Washington Post.

This law student competes in beauty pageants and she still calls herself a feminist.  See Huffington Post.

Our lovely editor lists the worst mansplainers of 2014 and ranks them. See Mic.

In India, women who have disabilities are locked away and abused. See Human Rights Watch.

Think Progress covers feminism, cohabitation and how marriage got its groove back.

Huffington Post explains why sex-segregation in schools is bad policy.

The non-indictment of the officer who killed Eric Garner sparks a global response. See CNN.

Ohio proposes a six-week abortion ban and these women are not having it. See Think Progress.

A woman in London gives these anti-abortion protesters a verbal smackdown (and you cannot help but *SNAP* aggressively in agreement). See Jezebel.

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  1. I highly recommend reading that book The Dark End of the Street that’s reference in the RH Reality Check piece on Rosa Parks. It’s a fascinating book about the work of women in the civil rights movement and anti-rape organizing that doesn’t get the attention it deserves.

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