Top 20 Feminist Blogs: All Boats Rise

Secretary typingI’ve been building this list for a while, but was particularly compelled to publish it after the whole Patricia Arquette debacle at the Oscars. A critique of her lack of intersectionality is warranted. She absolutely messed up. But it was the instant swarm and rapid shredding of a spotlight moment that sank my feminist heart. There was an opportunity for all social justice movements to seize a moment for what it was — a mainstream opportunity to elevate the important issue of women’s access to equal pay and instead we lambasted PA for her imperfections. The result: No one wins.

In this list, I hope we can rebuild and support a robust and intersectional feminist discourse. There’s a lot of work to do, and we can start by learning and hearing everyone’s voice. This list is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the diversity of the feminist movement, and doesn’t begin to represent it in its fullest. But I am thrilled to celebrate the badass women (and sometimes men) I admire who write for them.

Happy reading, friends.

  1. — First on the list because of content generated by our very own Maureen.
  2. Feministing — By young feminists. For young feminists. I particularly love Fucking with Feministing. A special shoutout to my girl, Lori.
  3. RH Reality Check— Anytime there’s “stupid crap politicians say about women’s bodies” in the news, I come here. But you can also find all things sexual and reproductive health and justice here too.
  4. Everyday Feminism — Intersectionality at its finest. And there are online courses for your learning pleasure.
  5. Think Progress — …and especially Health Editor Tara Culp-Ressler.
  6. Black Girl Dangerous — Mia McKenzie and her irreverent team, elevating the voices of queer and trans people of color.
  7. Ms. Magazine — A classic feminist publication.
  8. Feminist Frequency — Women + pop culture + media literacy + critique.
  9. The Women Take Over — Known for their spotlights on influential women out in the world. (Psssst. We even got showcased once. #swoon).
  10. Brown Girl Magazine — By and for young South Asian women (and men) living in the Diaspora.
  11. Adios Barbie — For a healthy dose of body-positive messages and resources in this increasingly body-negative world, check them out.
  12. Hollaback — Ending street harassment in a community near you.
  13. Girls Globe — A global take on issues concerning the rights and health of women and girls.
  14. Role Reboot — “We prize the personal narrative and believe that honest storytelling is the most powerful form of consciousness-raising.” We applaud you!
  15. Make It Work — Because workers’ rights are a feminist issue.
  16. NARAL’s Blog for Choice — Stay hip to reproductive justice work happening all around the US.
  17. Smart Girls at the Party — Do I need to tell you why we love this? SMART GIRLS UNITE! AMY POEHLER WE LOVE YOU!
  18. Bitch Magazine — For your daily thoughtful feminist response to mainstream media and popular culture.
  19. Makers — A video collection for women’s stories, and a beautiful site.
  20. Feminist Current — Check them out for a unique perspective on pop culture, politics, current events, sexuality, gender, etc. And they’re Canadian!

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21 replies

  1. Amazing! Thanks for this list! I have also ventured into feminism . Do check my blog.

  2. Real women love when a man tells them how to dress how much makrup to wear what conversstion she is allowed to tslk as bout in public, if and when she is allowed to go out and eith who. She has to learn how to control her mouth and emotions when aunt flow visits.
    Also being quite when a man is speaking would bd nice.
    And please dont ask if the dress makes u look fat.
    Of course it does you already know this.and please dont ask when we are voming home just be greatfull
    We do. Thag ix all i eill say right now, because i no this is
    Going to take a while for youf femail mind to absorb.
    Make some effort yo do your hair some makeup, and some lingerie would be nice.

    • Just trying to get u upset
      I hsve much love and respect for all women
      I just read that these r things u ladys hate to hear from men, so laugh lol

    • screw you whatt are you doing on this website anywhay!! get off and stop trolling this perfect online community. if it were up to me, trump and everyone would be put in jail for life, of executed. children need to learn in the ways of feminism

  3. Hello, I am a cis white male. Looking to spread my privilege here.

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  5. We are freaking feminists.

    We fight for against misogyny, racism, global warmer deniers,slavery,human trafficking.

    Think we are PC? The industry and the distributors hates us.
    We piss them off because our women are as tough as men and aren’t naked, and our minorities are ethical.

    “NO commercial appeal–” We are told.

    Human rights earns you black sheep status -despite selling out every issue– they resist us and try to suppress our support of women and minorities-

    Telling the truth is considered “controversial.”

    We won’t stop fighting-censorship is always wrong.

  6. I mean “too” thrilled. See? We all make blunders.

  7. Reblogged this on themissiontomars and commented:
    Thanks so much for sharing this. Now or then we often come across molestation during work or on roads, hear bad-mouthed comments about ourselves and the most horrible the violence thing. This post gives kind of a positive attitude towards dealing with all the frustration and makes feel strong :)
    Just in case, it can motivate other ladies in their work :)
    Ladies!! keep rocking :)

  8. I ask well wasn’t to thrilled about the way Patricia Arquette handled the whole thing, but then I backed off. There is indeed a pay inequity in Hollywood and while it does not equate with female genital mutilation or Boko Haram, I myself have not always been eloquent when in the heat of the moment and no one should be oppressed and discriminated against even if they have it better than others in the world. Thank you for the list.


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