Links We Love

The Huffington Post provides the ultimate guide to the clitoris, calling for a better understanding and inclusion of women’s sexuality.

Cosmopolitan highlights 5 Latina women who fiercely advocate for body positivity and racial inclusivity.

Texas GOP restricts abortion access by passing ID requirement for abortion care. See RH Reality Check.

Ugandan singer faces up to 10 years in jail for pop music video said to break new anti-pornography law. See France 24.

Cosmopolitan features a woman helping hundreds of pregnant women in Ireland access safe and legal abortions.

The Guardian unpacks new report detailing the horrifying consequences of reporting sexual assault in the military.

Truthout calls for the regulation of the crisis pregnancy centers misleading women about their health care.

A prosecutor tells an assaulted Latina woman that she deserves less protection. See ACLU.

Women fight back against the ridiculous high heel policy at Cannes. See the Daily Beast.

Emma Sulkowicz carries her mattress as she graduates, a final commentary on Columbia’s mishandling of her rape case. See NBC.

Taylor Swift uses her place atop Maxim’s Hot 100 List to send a feminist message. See Mother Jones.

The Atlantic explains why it is imperative for the U.S. to recognize family-care needs as legitimate in the workplace.

Ireland is about to vote on amending its constitution to allow for same-sex marriage. See Upworthy.

MAKERS proposes new “femojis” to fill our touch screens with awesome, influential women.

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