Links We Love

Elle Australia challenges breastfeeding stigma by featuring a nursing model on its cover. See NY Daily News.

London Kiki Chanel’s killer is charged with murder. See Advocate.

Business Insider reports on Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov trying to keep women off social media to prevent them from criticizing his deplorably sexist behavior.

The people of Ireland have spoken, and they want same-sex marriage. See the New York Times.

The Huffington Post highlights a mom who fought back against her child’s school body shaming 6th grade girls with a pool party dress code.

Ray Macdonald is finally fired from the Chicago Bears after his second domestic violence arrest in the past year. See CNN.

GirlTalkHQ features Muslim author and feminist Mona Elthahaway discussing the Middle East’s need for a sexual revolution.

Vox cites a study exposing that the overwhelming majority of New Yorker cartoon characters are white guys.

Salon reminds us to consider the added difficulties faced by women in the military.

Mic displays images from this week’s powerful feminist march in the demilitarized zone between North and South Korea.

The military is finally going to improve birth control access for female soldiers. See Jezebel.

The Atlantic exposes recently enacted laws that delay abortions and drive up the price.

The Washington Post calls out Josh Duggar’s disturbing apology that conveys no regard for his victims.

Forbes highlights the most powerful women of 2015.

California passes Reproductive FACT Act, calling for transparency in pregnancy-related services to give patients honest and helpful care. See Ms. Magazine.

A student led protest moves Australia towards ending its tampon tax. See Feministing.

A Toronto teen combats her school’s sexualization of women’s bodies with an inspiring protest. See the Huffington Post.

The Washington Post tells us less women are participating in organized religion due to patriarchal traditions.

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