Links We Love

‘Viagra For Women’ gets a push for F.D.A. approval. See the New York Times.

Cartoonist Rebecca Roher creates a comic highlighting the unappreciated beauty of ‘mom bods.’ See the Huffington Post.

Maine shuts down anti-choice TRAP (Targeted Regulation of Abortion Providers) Bill. See RH Reality Check.

Women share their initial experiences with harassment as #FirstHarrassed trends on twitter. See the Huffington Post.

Everyday Feminism tells us why bras should be a personal choice, not a social norm.

The Huffington Post features activist and sexual assault survivor Elizabeth Smart sharing the danger of preaching abstinence and “purity” as a form of sexual education.

Caitlyn Jenner introduces herself on the cover of Vanity Fair.

… And while celebrating her, Laverne Cox and Ms. Magazine remind us that not all trans people can/want to look like Caitlyn.

Trans individuals across the twitterverse share their own amazing Vanity Fair covers. See Mic.

Fusion highlights a remote town in Mexico that has reinvented sex and gender.

Lauren Conrad bans the word ‘skinny’ from her site in an effort to encourage positive body image and healthy choices. See the Huffington Post.

The Atlantic offers an in-depth history of the tampon.

Members of the Church of England say God shouldn’t only be referred to as male. See the Guardian.

Mic reveals the underlying sexism in America’s obsession with “bikini bodies.”

The UN outlines steps to stop LGBT discrimination. See Human Rights Watch.

The New York Times features an Indian village where women have the power.

Actress Maria Bello rejects pressure to label her sexuality, calling herself a ‘whatever.’ See the Huffington Post.

A new study reveals that a disproportionate number of minimum wage earners are women. See the Press Herald.

One woman shares the invasive, offensive, and plain annoying questions she received after getting an abortion. See Cosmopolitan.

The Huffington Post calls out a sexist t-shirt currently on sale at Wet Seal.

The Ms. Foundation calls for TLC to take action against child sexual abuse following Josh Duggar’s admittance to molestation.

Planned Parenthood celebrates the 50th anniversary of legal birth control!

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