Links We Love

NPR features an activist promoting hygiene and body positivity for girls in low-income countries.

The New York Times explores America’s evolving positive attitude towards women in politics.

We finally get a peak at the upcoming Malala Yousafzai documentary. See Rolling Stone.

Following the act of terror in a historic black church, The Guardian exposes the irony of the killer’s “motive”…

…And Ms. Magazine emphasizes the importance of speaking the names of the 9 victims.

Australian writer Clementine Ford uses a nude selfie to fight back against stolen private photos and victim-blaming. See Refinery 29.

The New York Times highlights the damage Republican policies have on poor women.

On Father’s Day, we are reminded how important dads are to the gender equality revolution. See The Guardian.

A trans latina activist interrupts Obama’s White House talk to demand better treatment of trans immigrants. See Washington Blade.

The Iowa Supreme Court shuts down a destructive telemedicine abortion ban. See RH Reality Check.

Pixar’s latest blockbuster is out, and it matters that it’s all about the brain of a young girl. See TIME.

John Oliver uses comedy to draw attention to pervasive internet sexism. See Gizmodo.

Feministing explains why workplace sexual harassment must get easier and safer to report.

A new documentary, GTFO, focuses on women gamers. See Bitch Magazine.

A New Jersey congresswoman introduces legislation to ensure health care for pregnant women. See Planned Parenthood.

Meryl Streep reminds Congress that the Equal Rights Amendment still is not in the U.S. constitution. See NY Mag.

Thousands share how birth control has positively impacted their lives with #BirthControlHelpedMe. See Parenting.

NWLC publishes a state-by-state ranking on Title IX.

‘This Oppresses Women’ stickers help combat body-shaming advertisements. See the Huffington Post.

Hanna Yusuf powerfully explains why her choice to wear a hijab is feminist. See the Huffington Post.

Jessica Williams explains that when it comes to money, women need a whole lot more than a female face on the $10 bill. See Take A Part.

SNL hilariously tears apart a Sports Illustrated writer who hates women’s  sports. See NPR.

The Stonewall Inn officially becomes a New York City landmark! See GLAAD.

And the best for last: In a historic ruling, SCOTUS legalizes marriage across all 50 states!!!! See Think Progress.

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