Links We Love

Missouri becomes the first state to expand insurance coverage for eating disorders. See Think Progress.

The Obama administration declares federal benefits can no longer exclude “gender transition services.” See Slate.

Male contraceptive ‘pills’ are on their way. See IB Times.

Truth Out highlights the need to acknowledge black lives amidst pride celebrations.

Girl Scouts reject an enormous donation because the donor didn’t support inclusion of transgender scouts. See Bust.

The Washington Post comments on the sexism behind the lack of sponsorship for the Women’s World Cup finals.

Mic exposes how reactions to Bill Cosby’s assault testimony expose rape culture.

The Huffington Post highlights the power of seeing women masturbate on T.V.

Caitlyn Jenner writes her first piece in her new series for The Huffington Post that will explore her journey and LGBT issues.

People call out sexism on social media by comparing comments on a nude photo of Justin Bieber to photos of female celebrities. See Buzzfeed.

Dame Magazine exposes the appalling anti-choicers appropriating the language of the Black Lives Matter movement.

The U.S. Navy triples it’s maternity leave to support women and families. See The Hill.

Black Girl Dangerous comments on the gender and racial dynamics in Rihanna’s bold new music video.

Media Matters highlights what media miss in coverage of Texas’ restrictive anti-abortion laws.

Matt McGorry points out double standards in nipple censorship by photoshopping women’s nipples onto an Instagram photo. See Mic.

Women drop some knowledge for men about vaginas and pleasure. See Mic.

Facebook gets a bit more gender equal with its new “friends” icon. See the Huffington Post.

New York Times contributors debate Hillary Clinton and her feminism.

ESPN’s new ‘body issue’ highlights the beauty of women athlete’s bodies. See MAKERS.

The New York Times reports on the abuse many girls who are placed in juvenile facilities face before their sentences.

Ms. Magazine highlights why the #LeanInTogether campaign is off balance.

The U.S. Women’s soccer team defeats Japan to win the World Cup! See the New York Times.

Bitch Magazine reviews a documentary that tells the story of women in jail for killing their abusers.

Think Progress shares the most ridiculous arguments made against women’s choice at this week’s Right To Life Convention.

A new short film tackles health and reproductive rights. Check out Pink Moon on Youtube.

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