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New Zealanders can now legally identify as gender diverse. See Bust.

A new study finds that men who harass women online are just losers trying to compensate for their low gaming status. See Mic.

The Guttmacher Institute reports on why male contraceptives are so important.

Mic highlights the noteworthy Afghan politician who ran against her husband and won.

In anticipation of Obama’s visit, Kenyan women’s groups demand the president lift the U.S.’ damaging restrictions on abortion aid. See Feministing.

NPR provides a wake up call: female genital mutilation is a problem in the U.S. problem, too.

Following her death earlier this month, the New York Times spotlights the remarkable life of Marlene Sanders, a pioneer for women in broadcasting.

A new study begs for action to prevent sexual assault on college campuses, finding 1 in 10 male college students have committed rape. See Feministing.

Following Sandra Bland’s disturbing death in prison, Roxane Gay writes a powerful piece on race, womanhood, and driving while black. See the New York Times.

Reel Girl draws attention to the embarrassing level of sexism in this summer’s Minions movie.

Everyday Feminism uses a comic to show how women’s clothing choices are attacked, no matter what they wear.

Bill Cosby’s deposition reveals his use of drugs as an aid in his assault of women. See the New York Times.

Think Progress analyzes Instagram’s ban of the hashtag “curvy.”

Politician Liz Kendall shuts down a journalist’s sexist line of questioning. See the Huffington Post.

The New York Times condemns the deceiving, detrimental video attack against Planned Parenthood.

Despite recent obstacles, Planned Parenthood continues providing women access to critical reproductive health services, and doesn’t plan on stopping! See the Huffington Post.

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